Call Quality Monitoring Tools

Call Quality Monitoring Tools

Achieve 100% Call Quality Benchmark

Call Monitoring Service

Ensure call quality benchmarks are being met by snooping into live calls and listening to live conversations with the customer. Assist your agents by giving cues for better interactions without hampering customer experience with the call whisper button. Participate in the on-going conversation between the agent and customer with call barging.


Agent Monitoring

Get track of real-time agent activity and availability status. A smart combination of filters to let you monitor a large workforce in a faster and easier manner. Have your agent list filtered with just a click and keep a close eye on the agent activities.

Setup Your Work from Home Ready Call Center in an hour

Tailor-made SLA Thresholds

Configure your SLA for agent breaks, call duration, hold time and wrap time. Get notifications for threshold breach and have a color-coded view of agent monitoring to easily pick out the personnel that needs process improvement. Ensure your timelines are being met and productivity is not getting hampered with real-time status of these metrics.


Real-Time Stats

Crisp summary of agents, customers, and calls being handled in the system with real-time and historical stats.Effective-to-use color-coded stats for easier identification.Bifurcated data views to keep a check on call quality performance in real-time. Configure your durations for data refresh as per your requirement and have a personalized view of the business metrics.



Gulf African Bank

Discover how a leading African Bank revamped their case management processes to get the customer issues resolved in a much quicker way.

Monitor Your Call Center Service Quality



Get an instant access to the key call center metrics and improve customer care.


Reports & Dashboards

Get access to comprehensive reports and customize it on the basis of your specific needs


Call Monitoring

Monitor agents by listening live calls and assisting them during any call if required.

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