Call Center Integration-Microsoft Dynamics 365


Integrate Ameyo Contact Center Capabilities with MSD CIF Integration

Deliver Powerful Call Management Features Into MS Dynamics 365

SSO with Dynamics OAuth
Auto-pop Customer Record
Knock Out Human Error
Two-Way Synchronization
IVR Input
Capture Complete Call Activity
Automated Ticket Creation

SSO with Dynamics OAuth

Integrate Ameyo call center software and allow your agents to sign into MS Dynamics with the registered user credentials without having to do it separately. Automatic two-way synchronization relieves agents from spending time toggling between multiple applications/screens to retrieve customer information.


Auto-pop Customer Record

Once the call gets connected, relevant customer detail pops-up on the agent screen using number mapping, displaying relevant caller information. Have qualified conversations with customers while enabling agents to access the details like customer’s name and previous interaction history and preserve the context of the call.

Knock Out Human Error

Eliminate the possibility of a manual error and save time. The agent can call any contact from the CRM with a simple click on the number (in Predefined format), without manually entering the contact number. If dialed number exists in multiple records, the system will dial the record from which click to dial was initiated.


Two-Way Synchronization

The framework is extensible for the configuration of communication between Ameyo and Dynamics 365 Unified Interface Apps. The two-way communication enables Agents to have inbound and outbound interactions(Click-to-Call, Bulk Dial) with updated customer information and also seamlessly sync Call Activity data ( Dispositions, Notes, Call Recording Link, Phone call activity association) into MS Dynamics 365.

IVR Input

Get the right call connected with the right type of agent irrespective of the number they have used. IVR reads customers input and displays their information in CRM even if the customer has called in from a different number. Once the customer enters the registered number or Customer ID, he is routed to the right agent and agent can drive the contextual conversation as the screen pop up displays relevant information.


Capture Complete Call Activity

Avail all the call records into MS Dynamics to enhance customer engagement. All the call record data is updated in CRM in real-time and could be accessed for quality assurance and training purposes. The call records could be used to monitor agents’ performance.

Automated Ticket Creation

Integrating with Ameyo helps to automatically generate a ticket for an incoming call in addition to attaching calls to the existing tickets. The call related data is automatically tagged with the relevant ticket to ensure complete context for future actions.




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