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Derive maximum value with each incoming call to increase the productivity of your inbound call center

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Connect Customers to Best Agent

Do not make the customers wait to get answers. Route them to the best inbound call center agent based on her/his level of expertise and other configurable factors. Additionally, automate the call routing process with the help of an automatic call distributor (ACD) to further smoothen the routing process.


Deliver Consistent Customer Service

Use an IVR system to standardize your customer service process and fill any gaps that may arise due to human error. With multi-level IVR, offer various options and paths for inbound callers to get a personalized response and ensure faster resolution of the problem.

Offer a Personalized Call Support

Know who is calling you rather than having to ask. With inbound call center solutions having CTI integration, the agents can get complete call history within seconds, informing them of all the relevant information. Being up-to-date with all the contextual information on the issue at hand, the agents are in a much better position to handle the call and guide the customer to the solution.


Monitor and Measure Call Performance

Have high-quality conversations by ensuring routine monitoring of calls. The managers have numerous options of checking-in on the effectiveness of a conversation by snooping in on the call or barging the conversations. Also, in case of escalations, the supervisor can even take over the conversation.

Hold your Queue Position

No more waiting for the customers to connect with the agents. With Ameyo inbound call center software’s Virtual Queue (VQ) pass capability, the customers get to hold their position even after they have hung up the call. Having this invisible token holding onto the customer will help you to manage your queues to not lose out on any valuable customer.




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Start Your Own Inbound, Outbound or Blended Call Center



A telephony system to answer and intelligently route the incoming calls to the right department


Auto Dialer

Automate dialing process to power up your outbound customer interactions and improve call center agent productivity.


Call Monitoring

Monitor agents by listening to their live calls and assisting them during any conversation with the customer if required to handle interactions better.

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