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The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize Customer Experience in the eCommerce Sector

E-commerce volumes have grown exponentially in recent years but so has shopping abandonment rate, resulting in huge loss for eCommerce players.;

This ebook discusses how a customer interaction technology could help in overcoming the challenges faced by the industry by bridging the gap between eCommerce sales and customer service.What You’re Getting in this eBook

  • Importance of Personalizing eCommerce Customer Experience
  • How Excellent Customer Service can lead to Cut Down in Product Returns
  • Ways to Enrich Mobile Customer Experience in eCommerce
  • Key Call Center Metrics for eCommerce Business
  • Contact Center Technology Trends for eCommerce in 2016

Call Center Guide to Power up customer Engagements

Optimize your Call Center and take it to a whole new level to meet the changing customer experience requirements. Deliver customer services par excellence while avoiding the usual challenges that might hinder your pace of growth. The Ebook aims to help you start and bring customer experience revolution by adopting the right strategies.What You’re Getting in this eBook

  • Best Practices to Optimize Call Center Processes
  • Technologies to Transform Customer Experiences and Ensure Omni-channel Communication
  • Agent Empowerment and Coaching to Drive Customer Satisfaction

Beginner’s Guide to Contact Center Management

With this guide get your hands on contact center best practices that will accelerate your pace to customer service excellence. Avert the most common challenges and problems contact centers normally encounter. And most importantly garner insights on how to leverage technology to establish and create True Omni-channel Customer ExperienceWhat You’re Getting in this eBook

  • Get started on creating your own Contact Center to and providing exceptional customer service experience
  • Using the right cloud contact center technology to ensure customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.
  • Best practices to effectively manage your call center operations

A Handbook to Win The CX BattleGround

The Writing on the Wall is Clear – Going forward, CX is the BattleGround brand will fight for to retain customers and promote brand advocacy.

Business leaders are asking how to improve customer experience, rather than why they should improve customer experience. The shift is evident, enterprises are becoming more and more aware about the effect it has on transforming first-time customers into long-terms users and band advocates.

” 84% of organizations expected to increase investment in customer experience (CX) technology in the year ahead” – 2017 Gartner Inc. survey

Quality of the product and service is no longer the sole differentiator between brand. The tables have turned, businesses are equally focused on customer retention and not just acquiring new ones.What You’re Getting in this eBook

  • 5 Easy Steps to Implement Customer Experience Improvement Strategies
  • How CX impacts ROI
  • A Glimpse into the Changing Face of Customer
  • Answer to CX Problems

The Ultimate Guide to Why AI-Powered Chatbots will transform Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming the new interface of every digital business brand. Having an NLP based chatbot takes this game to a whole new level.

There are chatbots that take care of all your L1 issues, then there are chatbots which become part of the entire Customer Journey Map.What You’re Getting in this eBook

  • How Chatbots are being used in the current Industry
  • What’s wrong with the current breed of Chatbots
  • Why chatbots should be used for CX
  • Challenges companies face while integrating Chatbot and Customer Experience

The Ultimate Guide to Modern Contact Center Routing

  • Explore how Dynamic cross-channel routing enables exceptional customer service across multi-channel interactions
  • Are you still stuck with queue based routing?
    Is your IT team struggling with non-flexible business rules?
  • Is your contact center Supervisor view limited to a single Channel?

What You’re Getting in this eBook

If yes, you might be missing out a lot on your table than you think. Download this All-In One resource for FREE to know

  • Issues with Legacy Routing.
  • How to enable Modern contact center routing 
  • Ameyo : Dynamic Interaction Routing Framework

Customer Experience Management Bible

Perfect for Newbies – Start Creating Your Very First Customer Experience Management Strategy in Minutes! A Godsend for Busy CX Professionals!

Most businesses realize they need to work on improving customer experience. When these same businesses ask us about the exact steps to create a customer experience management program, we really don’t know where to start. One thing is for certain – the process has to be carefully planned and executed.

“In the beginning, we said, let there be Good Customer Experience – and there was Good Customer Experience.”

You’ll never have to ask anyone about the art of customer experience management ever again! Download this all-in-one CEM eBook and learn step-by-step how to create a customer experience management program in your company to create happy experiences for your customers!What You’re Getting in this eBook

  • Insider’s Look @ Customer Experience Management: The Who, What, and Why
  • Free Customer Experience Assessment Survey to Help Assess Your CX Maturity
  • Simple, Easy-to-Implement Customer Experience Improvement Strategies
  • Done-For-You Customer Journey Map + Interesting CX Industry Examples 
  • A Proven Customer Experience Management System that Works Every Single Time
  • The Right Tools You Need to Perform CX Miracles in Your Business!

The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize Customer Experience in the Banking Sector

For banks to thrive in today’s world, both product and service delivery must be adequately aligned with customer expectations.

This ebook discusses the role of contact center in retail banking for boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty. It puts forward essential strategies banks can adopt to empower customer engagements. What You’re Getting in this eBook

  • Key Challenges Faced by the Retail Banking Industry
  • Role of IVR and Skill Based Routing in Streamlining Communication Process
  • Significance of Delivering Integrated Channel Experience 
  • Relevance of Video Chat and Social Media in Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Importance of Proactive Customer Service
  • Role of Analytics in Increasing Revenues with Cross-Selling

The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize Customer Experience in the Insurance Industry

Insurance companies need to regulate customer journeys and provide exemplary customer service in order to enjoy the benefits of customer loyalty. 

This ebook discusses the role of contact center technology in consistently delivering impeccable customer service and omnichannel experience while eliminating complexity and dissatisfaction. What You’re Getting in this eBook

  • How technology  can revolutionize Customer Experience for Insurance firms
  • Role of quality Customer Service in driving business growth
  • Significance of Live Support in improving Customer Satisfaction 
  • How Insurance Agents can build long-term Customer Relationships
  • Advantages of flexible IP-based Contact Center software for Insurance companies

The Ultimate Guide to Build a Modernized and Future-Ready Contact Center

Today, customer service organizations are aware that providing consistent and superior customer experience is critical to fostering loyalty and increasing revenues.

This ebook discusses how adopting a modern contact center technology can help organizations transform their customer interactions, personalize service, elevate agent efficiency, achieve operational excellence and meet compliance goals — at a cost that makes sense to the business.What You’re Getting in this eBook

  • Key Challenges of the Contact Center Industry
  • Best Practices for Upgrading your Contact Center
  • Importance of Building a Customer Experience Driven Contact Center
  • Significance of Personalized Interactions and Proactive Service
  • Relevance of Contact Center Digitization in Meeting the Rising Demands of Customers
  • Role of Contact Center Analytics in Enhancing Customer Experience