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About Comquest Sdn. Bhd.

Comquest Sdn Bhd., established in the year 2012 is a Joint venture between Bahwan CyberTek, an IT products and Services Company and e-sipadu system (100% subsidiary of Darussalam Asset). Comquest is an innovative company that has set up a first-of-its-kind state-of-the-art Contact Centre in Brunei Darussalam. The company offers services that cater end to end outsourcing needs of the customers in Brunei as well as the rest of the BIMP-EAGA region. 


  1. Enable better call monitoring and tracking 
  2. Automating calls and routing calls to the right agents
  3. Analytics and reporting capabilities
  4. Automating the tedious and inefficient process of manual dialing 
  5. Simplify integration with third-party applications


  1. Resilient blended call center solution with strong Inbound and Outbound capabilities
  2. Enterprise-grade outbound dialer 
  3. Integrations with homegrown CRM and social media
  4. WhatsApp Solution for improved customer engagement 
  5. Reporting & Analytics

Ameyo helped Comquest Sdn Bhd.

Beginning its contact center journey from scratch, Comquest evaluated multiple contact center providers and chose Ameyo because of its feature-rich capabilities that were offered at an affordable price. Considering the needs of Comquest, Ameyo proposed its omnichannel helpdesk solution that could auto-assign query tickets coming in from different channels such as social media, and voice and also provide a unified view of all the interactions. 

Dr. Batra’s Homeopathy

About Dr. Batra’s Homeopathy

Dr. Batra’s is amongst World’s largest homeopathic chain of clinics dedicated to the practice of classical homeopathy and conducting continuous medical education for the in-house doctors. They are committed to offering the best of quality treatment and have set up international standards in homeopathic practice. The chain has grown from just a single clinic in Mumbai to over 222 clinics in India, Bangladesh, UAE, and UK, with 400 doctors & having over 1 million patients treated so far. 


  • To represent the right brand identity
  • To stand out from the noise of unverified calls
  • To improve call connect rate
  • No provision to analyze reasons for spamming by the customers


  • Improved brand identity
  • More trusted outbound calling
  • Increase in call connect rate  by 7 to 8%
  • Improved Business Productivity
  • Effective Spam Management

Ameyo helped Dr. Batra’s Homeopathy

The Truecaller’s verified brand identity solution by Ameyo enabled Dr. Batra’s to protect their brand’s identity from spam activities. This solution provided them with a green-colored Caller ID and Verified Business Badge. As a verified business on Truecaller, Dr. Batra’s also got a verified tick mark and lock icon with their brand name, profile photo, and business vertical.


Unitel – Introduction

Unitel is a Mongolian corporate group of information technology companies, offering mobile, IPTV, broadband Internet, DTH satellite, OTT, fiber optic, fixed phone, content production, and distribution.

In the last few years, Unitel has transformed from a traditional telecom company to a digital sales provider. It provides end-to-end customer service right from first inbound or outbound touch to resolve issues or requests.


  • Deliver omnichannel experience
  • Improve inbound and outbound performance
  • Accelerate omnichannel and digital vision
  • Business Continuity plan during the pandemic
  • Gain insight into real-time metrics
  • Improve operations and grow the business
  • Simplify integration with third-party applications


  • Omnichannel ticketing
  • Inbound Call Center Solution
  • Outbound Call Center Solution
  • Self-Service IVR
  • Ameyo Synthesizer for IVR customizations
  • Reporting & Analytics

How Ameyo assisted Unitel

Moving its contact center technology to Ameyo’s Omnichannel ticketing solution has helped Unitel to adapt and amplify the business. A ticket is created every time a customer reaches Unitel through any channel and agents get notified to resolve these tickets at the first touchpoint. Unified Agent Desktop by Ameyo eliminates the need to toggle between different screens to manage interactions coming in from different channels and allows effective management of omnichannel interactions.


DocsApp- Introduction

DocsApp is one of the top medical apps on Google Playstore, developed by Phasorz Technologies Private Limited. Founded by Satish Kannan and Enbasekar D, DocsApp’s success is self-explanatory with more than 20 Lac Patients using the app for connecting with 2000+ MD and MBBS Doctors specialized in over 18 medical practices. With this, DocsApp supports more than 12 Indian languages and thus, is accessible for patients across different parts of India. The consistent 24/7 support makes the app a true companion for those looking out for the best doctors at odd times.


  • Fragmented Customer Data
  • Disintegrated CRM
  • Poor Connect Rate
  • Higher Response Time


  • Unified Agent Desktop
  • Smooth Integration with In-House CRM
  • Automated Dialers
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

How Ameyo Assisted DocsApp

Aligned with DocsApp’s requirements, Ameyo offered an all-in-one solution responsive to their needs.Ameyo Voice offered key capabilities that embrace automated dialing, multi-level call disposition, unified agent desktop, call back functionality, powerful dashboard for real-time reporting and tracking agents’ performance, and strong integration with in-house CRM. Further, with Ameyo’s advanced multi-campaign login option, DocsApp was able to assign multiple inbound and outbound campaigns to their agents. This blended call management feature was highly appreciated by DocsApp for being absolutely flexible to manage their agents in various campaigns simultaneously.

Spice Money

Spice Money- Introduction

Spice Money, a part of Spice Group, is India’s largest tech enabled Hyper Payments Network that offers various services like Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawal, Balance Inquiry, Bill Payments, Aadhaar Enabled Services, Air Time Recharge, POS Services, Railway Ticketing Services, etc. through our authorized agents across India.

Spice Money functions as a Mini Bank for local stores, helping them deliver seamless financial & digital services. It has partnered with IndusInd Bank, Yes Bank, RBL Bank, focusing on the financial inclusion of rural India with 2 lakh customer service points in semi-urban and rural India.


  • Accessing Telephony Remotely
  • Lack of Remote ready Infrastructure
  • Remote Agent Monitoring
  • Struggling with Downtime during lockdown


  • Ameyo’s Agent Mobile App Solution
  • Accessing Telephony via Dual Leg Calls
  • Mobile App Floating Widget
  • Coexistence of internal CRM with Ameyo’s Mobile App
  • Cohesive, Unified Remote Contact Center Monitoring

How Ameyo Assisted Spice Money

Ameyo offered a Mobile Agent App Solution to eliminate the need for any additional infrastructure requirements. Spice Money ran a POC with Ameyo and within 2 weeks, they were able to handle customer queries over calls with 50% of agent capacity, thus reducing the turnaround time (TAT) significantly.

With its comprehensive remote contact center features and enterprise-grade security, Ameyo enabled Spice Money’s agents to respond to and make calls using their personal devices. With an easy-to-deploy solution, Spice Money was able to handle customer queries within days of implementation.

SP Madrid

SP Madrid – Introduction

SP Madrid is a reckoned collections company based in Philippines. Founded in 2008, the company is backed-up with the most advanced collection technology and a comprehensive DPA data privacy compliance. With a strong team of legal specialists, SP Madrid offers a variety of collections and other services that include- Call Collections, Field Collections,  Credit Investigation, Legal Collections, Vehicle Repossession, and Housing Foreclosure.

While ensuring the fastest turn-around time and lowest error rate in its offerings, the company continues to be the BPO Collections Leader in the Philippines by offering the highest collection rate in the industry. 


  • No Unified Agent Desktop
  • Non-Contextual Calls
  • Low Call Connect Rate
  • Inefficient Dialer with manual overheads
  • Inefficient Follow-ups


  • Improved Call Connect Rate
  • Improved Customer Insights & Operational Efficiency
  • Increased agent productivity & strong follow-ups
  • Faster Response time
  • Enhanced Quality Assurance

How Ameyo Assisted SP Madrid

In accordance with SP Madrid’s requirements, Ameyo offered its all-in-one voice solution- Ameyo Voice. The solution was backed up with an automated dialer, Ameyo’s in-built CRM, and a comprehensive reporting feature. Further, Ameyo Voice offered several key capabilities- multi-level call disposition, unified agent desktop, call back functionality, and powerful dashboards for real-time tracking of agents’ performance. The implementation was smooth, quick, and on-time. With this, Ameyo’s advanced multi-campaign login and one-click user management empowered SP Madrid to optimize their agent performance and productivity. They were now absolutely flexible to manage their agents in various voice campaigns, according to the call traffic density.

Tackling Challenges of Remote Working

Ameyo’s work from home solution along with a secure VPN connection allowed SP Madrid to migrate to remote working in less than 48 hours. With more than 100 agents working from home, Ameyo helped the company to maintain business continuity and overcome the challenges of low internet connectivity and bandwidth issues.

Dalex Finance

Dalex Finance- Introduction

Dalex Finance and Leasing Company Limited is a non-bank financial institution, licensed and regulated by the Bank of Ghana and is working on enabling their clients to manage their businesses and personal finances with fast, efficient and effective investment products. Founded in 2006, Dalex Finance has currently developed their sales points and offices at 20 locations in Accra, Takoradi, Kumasi, Tamale, Ho, Sunyani, Koforidua, Akatsi, Wa, and Bolgatanga. 


  • Lack of Consolidated Reporting
  • Poor Responsiveness to Required Customization
  • Fetching Customer Information
  • Low Conversion Rate


  • Omnichannel Platform with Email, Call, and Chat Channels
  • Smooth Migration from Existing System, with a Zero Downtime
  • Customizable Reporting and other Functionalities

How Ameyo assisted Dalex Finance

In alignment with the requirements of Dalex Finance, Ameyo offered a customized solution responsive to their needs. The migration from their former system was smooth and swift, with an on-time implementation. There was a zero-downtime in the transition phase. Ameyo helped Dalex in moving from a voice-based call center to an omnichannel contact center having all the customer data in a single view to ensure contextual conversations and improved sales closures.

Cars 24

About Cars 24

Founded in 2015, CARS24 is a tech-enabled used cars disruptor. It is India’s largest platform for buying and selling used cars with presence across more than 86 major cities in India. Unlike conventional buying and selling approaches such as classifieds, the company offers the best prices in the fastest possible time, backed up with end-to-end expert assistance. Since its inception, Cars24 has come a long way – from one office to more than 215 branches across 86+ major cities in India. Cars24 is defined by its people – A team of exceptionally driven, capable people solving a real consumer problem.


  • Low Lead Conversion Rate
  • High Response Time
  • High Average Handling Time and Turnaround Time
  • Non-Contextual Interactions
  • Low Connect Rate
  • Inefficient Dialer with Manual Overheads


  • Improved Call Connect Rate
  • Enhanced Customer Insights
  • Improved Lead Conversion
  • Strongly Integrated CRM
  • Reduced Turn-Around-Time
  • Better Visibility on Customer Insights

Ameyo’s Solution

Aligned with Cars24’s requirements, Ameyo offered an all-in-one solution responsive to their needs. Before their transition to Ameyo, the company was using a dialer software which was unable to fulfill their expectations of a unified view of customer information and interactions. Also, the auto-dialing functionality was not up to the mark and it led to a low call connect rate.


Conneqt Business Solutions Limited – Introduction

Established in 2004, Conneqt Business Solutions Limited (formerly Tata Business Support Services Ltd), is a subsidiary of Quess Corp, India’s leading business services provider. Conneqt’s digital service capabilities handhold customers in their digital transformation journey enabling revenue growth, process efficiencies, and engaging customer experience.


  • Shifting the Setup to Remote Environment
  • Infrastructural Issues in Remote Environment
  • Undetectable Network Issues
  • Integration Issues
  • Low Agent Productivity
  • Scalability Challenges


  • No Infrastructural Challenges
  • Improved Productivity of Remote Agents
  • Comprehensive Monitoring and Tracking
  • Business-Specific Reports
  • Easy Scalability

How Ameyo assisted CBSL

With Ameyo’s Mobile Agent App, CBSL is now able to deliver exceptional customer experience. Team Conneqt was able to scale up their team by ¾ increased workforce. The high-end security and governance of the solution led the managers track IT, infrastructural, as well as agents’ performance metrics with precise insights and parameters. Being able to scale up without incurring any hardware costs or infrastructural issues empowered CBSL to operate more fiercely than ever. The overall productivity and revenue improved dramatically.


Globiva – Introduction

Founded in 2017, Globiva is a leading Business Process Management company. With a wide variety of innovative business solutions and premium BPO services, the company is serving key industry verticals, essentially high-end customers looking out for niche and absolutely exclusive services.


  • Real-Time Monitoring of Operations
  • Scalability Issues
  • No Business-Specific Insights
  • Low Conversion Rate
  • Low Data Utilization Capabilities


  • Unified Platform for different communication channels
  • Advanced Auto Dialing Capabilities
  • Rule Engine Configurations
  • Comprehensive Monitoring and Tracking via Real-Time Dashboards
  • Business-Specific Reports related to process performance, campaign productivity, and particular user session

How Ameyo assisted Globiva

Ameyo’s Omnichannel Customer Engagement Solution was designed such that it enabled Globiva to keep consistent monitoring on all its operations as well as agents’ performance. Since the company serves a variety of  businesses including e-commerce companies, card companies, and insurance and  loan companies, Globiva had to ensure consistent and unremitting customer service and sales processes via different communication channels. Ameyo’s solution helped them with their exact requisites.