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iMarque Solutions

About iMarque Solutions

iMarque Solutions is operative in the BPO sector since 2004 and is serving a number of renowned NBFCs and Banks across the world. The company is chosen by brands for its unremitting support and customized solutions designed as per the business requirements. With its parent company located in Kuwait, iMarque Solutions provides tech-driven outsourcing services to B2B as well as B2C businesses worldwide. The consistent 24/7 support makes iMarque Solutions a reliable one-stop solution for those looking out for differentiated services.


  • Manual Operational Overheads
  • Poor Connect Rate
  • No Insights on VPN-Based Calling
  • Remote Agent Monitoring
  • Team Collaboration in Remote Environment


  • Ameyo Voice with Automatic Dialing Capabilities
  • Remote Contact Center Solution- Mobile Agent App
  • Remote Performance Tracking Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Live Monitoring Dashboard with Enhanced Parameters (AIM)

How Ameyo Assisted iMarque Solutions

Aligned with iMarque’s requirements, Ameyo offered an all-in-one solution responsive to their needs. Ameyo’s Mobile Agent App allowed their agents to work from anywhere while offering comprehensive contact center solution capabilities in just a few clicks. Since all agents didn’t have laptops and high-speed internet connection, they could easily use Mobile Agent App to perform all their call center activities with capabilities like presence management, team collaboration, and floating widgets. Further, it enabled supervisors and call center managers to keep an unremitting track of agents’ activity logs with extended monitoring parameters and key metrics. The AIM dashboard empowered the managers to look into every tiny aspect of the operations while providing deeper insights about call connect rates, agents’ idle time, call failure factors, and more. It also enabled them to compare the overall operational productivity of the WFH environment as that of WFO.

Ameyo’s Mobile Agent App proved out to be just the right fit for iMarque Solutions with a smooth, quick, and on-time implementation.

Transact Global

About Transact Global

Transact Global is an ITES company that provides Call Center & BPO solutions to companies in the domestic space. Transact designs and delivers a complete range of call center services spanning call center, inbound, outbound, telemarketing operations, data verification, and data mining.


  • High Operational Cost
  • Needed a reliable and customizable solution
  • Low customer retention
  • System error hampered the business growth


  • Connect rates improved by 95%
  • Operational Efficiency improved by 85%
  • Significant Improvement in Customer Retention by over 85%
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99%

Ameyo helped Transact Global

Ameyo enabled Transact to offer a scalable and extensible platform to its clients allowing them to adapt to changing business demands and requirements. It allowed Transact to customize their platform to suit the varying needs of the business verticals without disturbing the process flow.

With top-of-the-line and modular features like Predictive Dialer, Voice Logger, Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Reporting and Analytics tool, etc Ameyo was able to provide an intelligent solution Transact was in the quest for.


About iVenturesPH Inc.

iVenturesPH Inc. required a solution they could host at their data center in the US in order to provide services to multiple call centers located in different parts of the Philippines. Drishti implemented their all-in-one Ameyo communications suite at the client’s data center and helped the client provide reliable and customizable services to its customers.


  • Required a centrally managed system
  • Needed a future-ready solution and a reliable technology partner
  • The solution should support multi-tenancy and eliminate IT hassles
  • Features like call blending and skills-based routing required


  • Complete control over IT-related issues
  • Managed call flows
  • Manage multiple call centers through a single IT set up
  • ACD queues managed

How Ameyo Assisted iVenturePH Inc.

The client, after evaluating various solutions, chose Drishti’s all-in-one communications suite Ameyo. Ameyo ensured that every call center in the Philippines connected to the NOC in the US worked as an independent unit. This again was a challenge as the call flows and processes of every call center were unique. As the entire infrastructure was placed in a data-center in the US and each call center would have just network connectivity to the data center, IT management had to be robust. Ameyo, through its flexible architecture, provided complete control over IT-related issues to the Client. As a result of this, the client was able to address the specific process requirements of each call center.

Interactive Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

About Interactive Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Interactive Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (IBS) provides outbound outsourced services to various clients. They combine expertise in skills and technology to deliver world-class business process outsourcing. IBS maintains standards which the industry follows as benchmarks and the company strives to reinvent and improve strategies and plans. Their approach towards offering value additions helps their clients grow their business exponentially.


  • Required a solution capable of supporting scaling up
  • Needed a diverse range of features
  • High up-time
  • Effective management of SLAs

Ameyo helped Interactive Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Understanding the business-specific requirements of IBS, Ameyo helped them move from the old solution and better their business processes. The award-winning IP-based solution provided them with CRM and CTI specific to their business process as well as Predictive Dialer, Voice Broadcast (for reaching out to a large group), Voice Logger, and Advanced Reporting and Analytics to manage the quality of every interaction. The Ameyo solution helped IBS improve its customer service and telemarketing campaigns considerably. They were able to offer enhanced customer satisfaction now with the innovative tools from Ameyo.

Department of Transport (DOT), Abu Dhabi

About Department of Transport (DoT), Abu Dhabi

Department of Transport (DOT), Abu Dhabi was envisioned to deliver a world-class transport system and develop a modern, comfortable, and reliable public transport system linking the island of Abu Dhabi.

With constant upgradation of services and service delivery platforms, DoT is in the process of creating a highly sophisticated transport network that will move people and materials efficiently through the Emirate, in a way that contributes to the quality of life for all residents, businesses, and visitors.


  • Streamline customer service center operations
  • Setup a well-structured information dissemination system
  • Ensure accurate and timely handling of queries and complaints
  • Collect timely customer feedback


  • Reduced call handling time
  • Enhanced service center productivity
  • Improved services through real-time process tracking
  • Met strict high availability requirement
  • Reduced turnaround time for each call to minimum

Ameyo helped the Department of Transport (DoT)

In order to provide better services to the public, and in line with the Department of Transport’s (DOT) overall strategic plan, the Customer Service Center was required with the aim to meet all customer needs and respond to their constructive feedback in an ongoing manner. The goal was to develop a platform for the commuters to procure information as well as voice their problems/suggestions regarding the
offered services.

Ameyo helped DoT, Abu Dhabi automate their entire interaction management system. Ameyo’s automated voice response solution reduced the call handling time and enhanced the unit’s productivity significantly. Ameyo’s reporting and quality monitoring feature enabled DoT to track their processes and hence, improvise services. 

Ameyo met very strict client requirements of high availability and provision of scalable and reliable solution handling transactions with real-time comprehensive monitoring mechanism to manage internal KPI’s. Adding proper logging and tracking to this, DoT reduced their turnaround time for each call to a minimum. SMS notifications of the query status added to the customer satisfaction levels that were evident from their commuters’ responses.

Leading Education Technology Company

Leading Education Technology Company

The Company is one of the largest Education Technology (Learning) companies in India. It came up with a unique idea that helped students learn faster with skill-based online classes with subject matter experts.


  • Scalability and Network Breakdown Issues with their previous cloud setup
  • High Rate of Call drops
  • Poor Call Tracking


  • Higher CSAT Rate
  • Reduced TAT for customer queries
  • Seamless Customer Journey
  • Better hold and visibility of customer information

Ameyo’s Solution

  • Ameyo Voice with customized IVR where customer call on the published DID and can get routed to their preferred agents based on their DTMF selection.
  • Single-Sign-On with LeadSquared with its knowledge base getting populated in Ameyo’s frames.
  • Voice Log Archiver to store call recordings and help supervisors to keep a track of agent responses.
  • Business-specific comprehensive reports related to process performance, campaign productivity, call details, call history, and particular user session.
  • In order to ensure that the company achieves enhanced CSAT Rate & improves overall productivity, Ameyo offered the following solutions.

Bigtree Entertainment

About Bigtree Entertainment

Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is India’s very first entertainment ticketing company. Besides ticket booking, it is also involved in software sales and support, ticketing services, box office tracking and analysis.

The company through its website, BookMyShow facilitates ticket bookings for movies, concerts, and live events. The customer calls Bigtree to get the latest movie or event-related information and this info is further segregated on regional basis. The website has a strong presence in major cities across India and a single number works for phone bookings through an automated speech recognition system. For payments, the customer has the flexibility to choose between Credit Card, Online payment, or Cash-on-Delivery options.


  • Automate voice-based customer service
  • Auto-notifications and updates to customers
  • Required a customizable IVR
  • Integration with existing applications and payment gateway
  • Auto-SMS confirmation for ticket booking


  • Increased customer base
  • Reduced cost per agent per transaction
  • Better customer experience
  • Easy change of movies and shows in the IVR via a GUI-based interface
  • Integration with multiple systems like Payment Gateway, CRM, ASR and Database

Ameyo helped Bigtree Entertainment

Bigtree faced the challenge of automating the ever-changing movie or event-related information and also minimizing agent-customer interaction to bring down the cost per transaction. Taking into account the workload of agents at Bigtree, it was essential to implement features that could minimize average call handling times. Every call for ticket booking or for other inquiry had to be processed in the minimum time frame with utmost efficiency. This called for a platform that could enhance Quality Monitoring. Ameyo helped maximize agent performance and process efficiencies.

D’COST Restaurant

About D’COST Restaurant

D’COST is a very famous restaurant chain operation in Jakarta, Indonesia. The USP of D’COST is that it sells various food items at an affordable price to cater to a large base of customers from varying income groups.

With a vision of setting up remote expansions to create a multi-city restaurant chain, D’COST is spearheading the roll-out and operations of its centers, so that they can cater to a bigger customer base through local franchisees. In order to achieve this vision D’COST has already started working towards it. It plans to open 40 branches across Jakarta and standardize the quality and offerings across all the branches. 


  • To improve customer care unit
  • Setup a well-structured information dissemination system
  • Ensure accurate and timely handling of queries and complaints


  • 100,000 deliveries per day made possible
  • Multimedia channels for complaints/feedback receipt
  • Regular follow-ups and reporting management

Ameyo helped D’COST Restaurant

For support of the quality of operations, Ameyo provided IVR, ACD, strong supervision, and quality analysis tools. Self-scoring tools were also available to the agents. A combined analysis of quality feedback and agent scoring helped the call center manager to diagnose and retrain their manpower in ensuring utmost service quality.


About Indovision

PT MNC SkyVision (MSV) is the pioneer in Indonesia’s satellite pay television industry. Established in 1988, MSV began to market their satellite-based Pay TV service in early 1994 under the INDOVISION brand name.

To distribute its service throughout Indonesia, MSV is using its own satellite, IndostarII, which was launched on May 2009. Broadcast on S-band frequency, this satellite is equipped with latest broadcast transmission technology. Using the new satellite, MSV is able to distribute pay television services with superior audio–video quality, strong signal durability, and bringing more than 100 local and international channels throughout Indonesia through its product INDOVISION.


  • Automation of legacy technology infrastructure
  • No centralized management system
  • Integration of billing and subscriber management system
  • Auto list filtration on multiple lists


  • Centralized pre-integrated solution
  • Integrating process flow from site offices and users
  • Integrating the billing system to the IVR
  • Dashboards and advanced reporting tools

Ameyo helped Indovision

Indovision implemented the Ameyo communications suite that provided them with a centralized pre-integrated solution, integrating process flow from their site offices. An advanced IVRS was implemented for self-service of routine queries like checking subscription expiry date, balance left in the account, information on various promotional offers, etc. Integrating the billing system to the IVR, along with a payment gateway, enabled bill payments via phone for Indovision’s customers. It also allowed for interoperability between the existing business applications for simplified contact center operations and reduced manual interference. Dashboards and advanced reporting tools of Ameyo helped Indovision analyze the performance of various resources of the system.

Parkway Health Laboratory Services

About Parkway Health Laboratory Services

ParkwayHealth Laboratory Services is the premier reference laboratory in Singapore and Johor which provides high quality, cost-efficient clinical, and pathology laboratory services (histopathology and genetics). They have an experienced laboratory team and well-equipped laboratories located within Gleneagles Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, and Parkway East Hospital. They also have a satellite outpatient laboratory in Novena Medical Center and a reference laboratory in their headquarters at Ayer Rajah Crescent. ParkwayHealth serves the needs of inpatients and outpatients at their three hospitals as well as through medical practitioners who operate within and outside the hospital’s medical centers.


  • Lack of end-to-end inbound and outbound patient interaction management solution
  • Need for multi-channel patient interaction modules
  • Lack of automated patient query segregation
  • Need for robust system to manage complex queries


  • Two-way SMS capability for emergencies
  • Robust inbound-outbound call management system
  • Implemented SugarCRM for efficient patient tracking
  • Simple interface and smoother operations

Ameyo helped ParkwayHealth Laboratory Services

AMEYO helped ParkwayHealth improve their operational efficiency by providing the best-in-class, complete CIM solution. A SugarCRM for patient management and tracking was implemented and made operational within a short time. Two-way SMS capability allowed ParkwayHealth to receive SMSs and send appropriate responses. Multiple modules have been integrated which handle different types of cases. Roles have been assigned multiple responsibilities. A complex escalation matrix has been implemented to make processes smoother than earlier.