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About Swiggy

Swiggy is India’s leading online food ordering and delivery company with headquarters in Bangalore. Since its establishment in 2014, Swiggy has revolutionized the online food aggregation landscape. The company has managed to gain a strong foothold in the Indian market post multiple rounds of funding and entering the Unicorn club with its current valuation standing at $1.3 billion.

“It has been a fantastic ride with Ameyo. Now we are able to answer 95% of our calls within 20 seconds and have also improved agent utilization by 80% “

Arun Cyril, AVP Contact Center Operations at Swiggy


  • Lack of CTI integration
  • Lack of Centralized architecture
  • High call drops
  • Need for a scalable solution


  • 95% calls answered within 20 seconds
  • 80% improvement in agent utilization
  • Growth from 250 to 400 agents
  • Expansion to more than 15+ locations

Ameyo helped Swiggy

Ameyo offered a hybrid solution with the main server set up at a centralized location i.e. Bangalore and call servers at multiple locations. Ameyo integrated with Swiggy’s in-house CRM and also provided integration with Freshdesk for other miscellaneous processes such as mobile app issues, refund or cashback related queries.

With single sign-on and click-to-call features, Ameyo reduced both, agents’ and customers’ efforts. Thus, improving their overall experience. Moreover, in case of outbound calls the agents could initiate a conference between the customer and merchants in case of high-value customers.

INAYA Facilities Management Services


INAYA Facilities Management Services, UAE offers integrated facilities management, technical operations and maintenance, soft services, and sustainability development. As a facilities management company, they play a decisive role by providing a stream of services to support the clients’ core business. INAYA makes things easy for customers by allowing them to source all their facilities management needs under one roof. Their full range of services is offered individually or integrated, and includes technical services, cleaning, security services and much more.

INAYA Facilities is the brainchild of UAE’s prominent business group Belhasa. They aim to help keep buildings and communities running at optimum efficiency day in and day out. INAYA offers a strategic, flexible, and transparent approach to all their customers’ facilities management needs. They are a company focusing on long-term growth by delivering value-added services. One of the company’s high-end projects is at The Gardens, Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


  • To streamline inbound and outbound calling process
  • Needed a scalable solution to handle large-scale operations
  • Required CRM for accurate customer tracking
  • Automate call routing and answering customer queries


  • Efficient handling of incoming call through IVR customization
  • Increase in Agent productivity via auto CRM pop-ups
  • No lead leakage with missed call alert system to track calls
  • Quality monitoring becomes easy with graphical representation

Ameyo helped INAYA

AMEYO solution provided INAYA Facilities with an IVR customization for CUG (Closed User Groups), VAS (Value-added service), and FMS (Financial Management Service) hotlines. For an incoming call from an existing customer, a CRM popup was provided. Missed call alert modules were set up for agents to callback so that they did not miss out on any customers—existing or potential. Integration with GSM gateway was also implemented, a wallboard to provide the graphical representation of productivity in real time was provided, and the reporting feature generated customizable and accurate reports on quality.


About Myntra

As a leading player in the domain of e-commerce business, Myntra is expanding its customer base rapidly. The company has a vision of being India’s largest online lifestyle products retailer—a vision that revolves around giving the consumer the power and ease to transform how he or she looks. Myntra boasts of certain brand promises such as superior experience, broader product selection and unmatched efficiency thus adding to a better purchasing decision.


  • Inability to handle the increased volume of call traffic
  • Mass reachout was becoming difficult due to technical glitches
  • Low business productivity
  • Deteriorating levels of customer satisfaction


  • Automation of entire business processes
  • Better customer-connects
  • Delivered consistent user experience
  • Easy integration with existing business applications

Ameyo helped Myntra

Ameyo was deployed at Myntra to provide a unified window for interactions management and empowering the latter to deliver superior customer experience management. Ameyo integrated the entire business processes to a single platform that measured, analyzed, and delivered seamlessly. 

By creating an effective network of channels, the solution ensured an interlinking of the website and the support center, leading to enhanced customer connects without any technical errors. Ameyo IVR system smoothly managed the incoming calls by addressing the customers with pre-recorded messages, additional messages on special occasions, informing about attractive and discounted deals and hampers and finally routing the calls to an available agent, in case a customer’s query remains unresolved. This ensured first call query-resolution for Myntra.


About MTML

Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius Limited (MTML) is one of the leading telecom service providers in Mauritius. MTML was founded in 2003 by MTNL, an Indian Government-owned telephone service provider, and since 2004 it has grown in leaps and bounds. MTML provides a wide range of services like international calling cards, prepaid and post-paid mobile services, Internet and Mobile Broadband. With MTML’s most affordable tariffs, the rates for the telecom services in Mauritius have come down drastically.


  • Needed to improve customer service
  • Set up a billing helpdesk
  • Solution needed to integrate with existing billing platform
  • Higher call handling time


  • Reduced waiting time with IVR
  • Quota control enabled right customer outreach
  • Incremental Overall Growth of 17%
  • Robust and Easy Integrations

Ameyo Helped MTML

With AMEYO, MTML implemented a customer service and billing help desk. Identifying the needs of the agents to provide better services to the customers and make billing collection easy, AMEYO was the IP-based solution which made the process easy. Additionally, as Mauritius is both an English- and French-speaking nation, the multi-lingual requirements of the contact center also were addressed in the solution. AMEYO proved to be highly flexible in supporting both languages, allowing the agents to switch effortlessly.

AMEYO was integrated with the existing ZTE IN equipment and billing platform. Agents can view all relevant information about the caller in a single window as soon as the call is registered. The scalable and reliable solution implemented features like IVR, ACD, CTI, Switching, Voice Logging, and quality monitoring for MTML. The “Chili” network saw a smooth transition and the network provides customers with the latest technology and competitive offers. The AMEYO solution was effortlessly customized to the unique requirements of MTML and delivered results soon after implementation.

Indiabulls Real Estate

About Indiabulls Real Estate

Indiabulls Real Estate is among India’s top real estate companies with development projects spread across residential complexes, integrated townships, commercial office complexes, hotels, malls, Special Economic Zones (SEZs), and infrastructure development. They have been assigned “A+” rating, and have partnered with Farallon Capital Management LLC of USA to bring the first FDI into real estate in India. Indiabulls Real Estate is currently developing 72.86 million sq. ft. into premium quality, high-end commercial, residential, and retail spaces.


  • Existing solution incompatible with business scale
  • Absence of proper call handling
  • Lack of accurate and customizable reports
  • Lack of customization with existing IVR and CRM


  • No abandoned calls with Intelligent routing
  • Maximum outreach with Auto dialer
  • Better monitoring with Customized reports
  • Customized call flows

Ameyo helped Indiabulls

The specific requirements of Indiabulls were met by the AMEYO Solution. AMEYO provided Indiabulls integral contact center tools like ACD, Dialer, Voice Logger, CTI, Reporting, and Node flow designer for their processes. The IVR and CRM were customized as per their requirement, to suit the already operational process. AMEYO integrated DNC which ensured efficient scrubbing for all their outbound customer campaigns.

The AMEYO solution is inherently scalable and suits perfectly to the pan-India operation of Indiabulls. The solution works to retain all existing customers and is expansive enough to include new customer information quickly as well. They are now capable of expanding the customer base with the same operational capacity.

Frontier Utilities

About Frontier Utilities

Frontier Utilities founded in 2008 is a retail electric provider serving all of deregulated Texas, dedicated to providing honest and innovative electricity solutions to homes or businesses. Frontier Utilities is dedicated to providing honest and innovative electricity solutions to lower energy cost. They offer flexible pricing plans for every lifestyle, and outstanding customer support to ensure the customer receives the best electricity service possible.


  • Lack of scalable solution
  • Need for CTI Integration
  • Manual processes
  • Need for better CIM


  • Easy expansion according to business needs
  • Automation of Billing and Payment process
  • Intelligent customer dial-out
  • Reduced Operational Costs

Ameyo helped Frontier Utilities

As Dial ‘108’ in Emergency is an Emergency Medical Service (EMS), their requirements are unique and challenges complicated. The ambulance system needed to be easily accessible, uncomplicated, and efficient. The EPABX system (Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange) they were using needed to be improved and they wanted a solution which would provide the desired results.

Dial 108’s calling processes were automated to improve productivity and efficiency of agents. Agents also were provided with CTI pop-ups on screen which identified caller details, location, and other such vital information. This information was relayed to ambulances for better and faster service. Overall, Dial 108 has experienced better management of contact center processes with accurate reports
and voice recording for quality monitoring.


About Spoton

Startrek Logistics was established in December 2011, operating under the brand name SPOTON, by taking over TNT’s vast road business in India. With its head office in Bangalore, the upcoming company focuses on the most critical customer, expectation: accurate delivery. The unchanging idea behind their brand is “The system is the service”, and the “system” constitutes a network of people, processes, infrastructure, and technology.

SPOTON ensures its customers get consistent service quality every time, at every step. Their vision is to be the most preferred Express Logistics company in India. SPOTON’s mission is to deliver commitments consistently to the customers through outstanding people working together, a network engineered for accuracy, and leading the market in quality and profitability.


  • Multi-language support required
  • Skill and priority-based caII handing
  • Lack of Intelligent Routing
  • Lack of live reports


  • Advanced IVR with multilanguage support
  • Faster resolution with intelligent routing
  • Live monitoring and Reporting
  • Designing customized IVR flows

Ameyo helped Spoton

AMEYO was the perfect solution to address SPOTON’s quality and efficiency needs. AMEYO’s rich features like the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allowed handling of large call volumes, as well as creation of complex call flows. The CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) feature has CRM screen-pops which contain customer information. This is available to the agents before the call is connected with the customer, giving them ample time to know the customer’s history. AMEYO Voice Logger allows for complete voice recording, access, and management of all the calls made in the system.  The solution also included Supervision and Quality Management for the supervisors, making agent assessment easy. 

Gati Limited

About Gati Limited

Gati Limited provides a range of solutions such as Express Distribution, Supply Chain Solutions, Cold Chain Solutions, E-Commerce, International Services, and Shipping Services. The Logistics and Supply Chain Company was looking for a solution that would be flexible to changing operational needs and provide them with a complete reporting system to monitor changes as required.


  • Lack of flexibility in handling interactions
  • Siloed backend application
  • Inability to manage blended calling process
  • Integration with existing applications and payment gateway
  • Auto-SMS confirmation for ticket booking


  • Increased customer base
  • Reduced cost per agent per transaction
  • Better customer experience
  • Easy change of movies and shows in the IVR via a GUI-based interface
  • Integration with multiple systems like Payment Gateway, CRM, ASR and Database

Ameyo helped Gati Limited​

Due to the boxed nature of the solution previously employed by Gati, it was not capable of providing the necessary flexibility required by Gati. They were in the hunt for a solution that could easily adapt to changing business processes. Furthermore, they required a solution to provide them with a comprehensive reporting mechanism where relevant historical reports and real-time analytics for ease of performance and quality monitoring to their management team.

Addressing the need for flexibility, Ameyo’s SOA and MDA based approach allowed the solution to completely integrate with Gati’s backend solution. This allowed Gati to have a comprehensive view of all information on a single screen. Furthermore, they were provided with customized reports that were relevant to their business operational needs, the added requirement of real-time analytics was solved by providing supervisor dashboard and wallboard that ensured the right information was provided to key personnel at the right time.

Mekong Aviation

About Mekong Aviation

Mekong Aviation JSC (known as Air Mekong) is a provider of affordable air travel from Vietnam. Providing air transport in various routes across Vietnam, Air Mekong strives to commit to making air travel accessible by always providing the most comfortable and convenient means of transportation for their customers.


  • Streamlining of business processes
  • Faster query resolution
  • Management of core deliveries
  • Comprehensive Quality Management


  • Enablement of Intelligent Routing
  • Improved Quality Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Real-time graphic analytics

Ameyo helped Mekong Aviation

Understanding the need to deliver superior Customer Experience, AMEYO was deployed as the backbone solution for Air Mekong’s Contact Center. The feature rich solution provided an intelligent routing functionality powered by its ACD feature, which ensured that all calls were connected to the right agent. To manage multiple inbound calls, a queue system was implemented to inform customers that an agent would be attending to them. In addition to addressing inbound queries, a comprehensive Quality Monitoring system was required. Intrinsic to any supporting technology is its ability to deliver reports as per the process needs. AMEYO provided Air Mekong with a real-time graphical analytics dashboard that provided regular updates on various key metrics that were critical to business operations, as well as a Voice logging capability to record all calls for quality scoring and analysis and a comprehensive reporting tool to track historical records of critical metrics of the Contact Center.

Dial 108 in Emergency

About Dial 108 in Emergency

As a part of Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL), “Dial ‘108’ in Emergency” (popularly called the “108 model”)is a public private partnership (PPP) with State Governments providing service to emergency victims. ZHL assists the service of saving human lives by providing a leading network of fully equipped Advanced and Basic Life Support Ambulances across the developing world. Their vision reflects in the commitment to meet international standards for quality in  Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and being accessible to everyone regardless of income bracket. Their values lie in being ethical, being transparent,
and fostering teamwork.

Dial 108 aims to provide quality emergency care transport within the shortest possible time and ensure delivery of quality emergency care with a proper emergency management system.


  • Ambulance system to be made quicker, more efficient
  • Needed CTI CRM integration
  • Required a customizable IVR
  • Management of prompt allocation of resources
  • Recurring system downtime


  • Better and faster ambulances service
  • Accurate reporting of key metrics
  • Better patient experience
  • Facilitated switching to a standby agent to prevent downtime
  • Strict security compliance

Ameyo helped Dial 108 in Emergency​

As Dial ‘108’ in Emergency is an Emergency Medical Service (EMS), their requirements are unique and challenges complicated. The ambulance system needed to be easily accessible, uncomplicated, and efficient. The EPABX system (Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange) they were using needed to be improved and they wanted a solution which would provide the desired results.

Dial 108’s calling processes were automated to improve productivity and efficiency of agents. Agents also were provided with CTI pop-ups on screen which identified caller details, location, and other such vital information. This information was relayed to ambulances for better and faster service. Overall, Dial 108 has experienced better management of contact center processes with accurate reports
and voice recording for quality monitoring.