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About Jabong

The fashion market in India is surging and is currently estimated at USD 70 billion, of which only 25 percent is the organized retail market. E-commerce is a key channel for fashion and the online fashion market is projected to grow 3.5 fold from to reach USD 14 billion by 2020. is a major player in Indian fashion and lifestyle e-commerce portal. It retails apparel, footwear, accessories, beauty products, fragrances, home accessories, and other fashion and lifestyle products. strives to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction to capture the market to be on top. To achieve this they needed a robust solution which would enable smooth customer interactions and support their specific business needs and work towards delivering a seamless operation.


  • Manual call handling process limited the capacity to reach large customer base
  • Struggling to answer all incoming calls and disburse information quickly
  • Agents were unable to access customer and order information before dialing out
  • Lack of constant real-time updation of order tracking information of customers in CRM


  • End-to-end system for streamlined business processes and simplified customer interactions
  • Seamless integration with web-based CRM made processes faster and more efficient
  • Multimedia capability provided unified platform for interactions
  • Enhanced overall customer experience by automating all communication processes

Ameyo helped Jabong

Ameyo kept the demands of an e-commerce business in mind and strove to deliver great service with high uptime and agent availability. AMEYO enabled Jabong to streamline their call processes with ACD and a robust IVR. Other features like CTI, API, Preview Dialer, and Voice Logger were also implemented. Multichannel communication through SMS, e-mail, and web chat were also enabled. The solution helped Jabong automate their business process and simplify customer interactions.

Ameyo solution was chosen over other competitors and empowered Jabong with an end-to-end system that was also easy to use. Ameyo’s capabilities matched their specific business processes and enhance overall customer experience.

Rural Shores

About RuralShores

RuralShores is an Indian rural Business process outsourcing (BPO) company. It is a BPO based in rural India with delivery centers across various Indian states. The socio-economic venture brings job opportunities to rural youth and cost-effectiveness to the outsourcing companies. The business model has been created to ensure scalability and sustainability of its operations by creating real value, not only for the shareholders but for all stakeholders, and to have a positive contribution to the communities in which it functions.

RuralShores outsources the remote processing of non-critical business transactions such as data entry, simple bookkeeping, expenses handling, document digitization, and archival, etc. This is done on a very basic infrastructure with reliable network connectivity and with enthusiastic youth who can be easily trained.


  • High Operational Costs
  • Lack of industry specific skilled workforce
  • Tracking & Analysis of Operations


  • Hassle-free IT & Operations Management
  • Manning and operation of regional support hubs
  • Strong supervision and quality analysis tools

How Ameyo Helped RuralShores

Ameyo IPCC (IP-based call center software) provided them with hassle-free IT and operations management. The agent workbench of Ameyo provided custom scripts and real-time information to the agents thereby assisting them in customer interactions. The GUI-based interfaces of Ameyo are easy to learn, operate, and maintain at all levels since it requires no programming knowledge. The problem of skill-availability is thus solved by the ease-of-use inculcated in the solution.


About Flipkart

Flipkart went live in 2007 with the objective of making books easily available to anyone who had internet access. Today, they are present across various categories including movies, music, games, mobiles, cameras, computers, healthcare and personal products, home appliances and electronics, stationery, perfumes, toys, apparels, shoes, among other verticals. Their path-breaking services like Cash on Delivery, a 30-day replacement policy, EMI options, free shipping, and great offer prices revolves around providing the customers a memorable online shopping experience. Flipkart’s dedicated delivery partners work round the clock to personally make sure the packages are delivered on time.


  • Manual inbound & outbound calling
  • Integration with CRM & Order Management system
  • Low uptime
  • Lack of multi-channel communication


  • Automation of all inbound & outbound calls
  • Seamless integration with Order Management System & CRM
  • Omnichannel communication
  • Quality Solution & high uptime

Ameyo’s Solution

Flipkart has been using AMEYO to automate its manual processes and make the business more efficient. They replaced the tedious manual dialing out process with AMEYO to intelligently dial out numbers. Flipkart later implemented more features from AMEYO to fit into their inbound processes and seamlessly integrate with their in-house order management system (OMS), CRM, and dispatch system. The solution also implemented the Customer Manager API which pulled calling numbers in real time to AMEYO and the solution then dialed out.


About Bankbazaar is an online marketplace for financial products in India, where one can instantly get free and customized interest rate quotes for personal, home and car loans, and credit cards from India’s leading banks/NBFCs and apply online. Their goal is to make it easy for everyone to get a great deal on a loan or an insurance product. One can easily compare the total costs of the loan offers on and get access to unbiased customers’ ratings of financial institutions. The online portal offers a number of options, making it easy for consumers to take a well-informed decision when choosing a product.


  • High Call Handling Time
  • Skewed call distribution
  • Low productivity, high downtime
  • Lack of operational visibility


  • Call handling time reduced by 50%
  • Uniform call distribution
  • Increased productivity & call management
  • Bird’s eye view of all business operations

Ameyo’s Solution

Powering the call center operations of some of the leading e-commerce businesses, Drishti’s Ameyo became the technology of choice for BankBazaar. Ameyo helped them establish efficient customer support operations to manage their business interactions. 

The solution provided an intelligent ACD, which enabled BankBazaar to handle the customers in a more appropriate manner by ensuring that the right skilled agent talks to a priority customer. Therefore “queue priority management”—a necessity for BankBazaar—was enabled considering the need to ensure repeat customers.

CRM allowed screen pops for ready customer information which enabled agents to address queries in an improved manner, which gave way to a better and faster customer query resolution.

Sterling Global

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About Sterling Global Call Center

Sterling Global Call Center is one of the rapidly growing and in-demand outsource contact service provider in Philippines, servicing both local and foreign clients. Since 2003, they have developed programs for the mortgage industry as well as insurance, research and survey, and food delivery service. They also have inbound, outbound, and blended capabilities and provide solutions to create, facilitate, enhance, and optimize profitable relationships for the clients and customers they serve.


  • Existing solution posed security risk
  • Lack of Accurate Reporting
  • Agent Productivity


  • Personnel Authentication for data security
  • Customized reports for Quality Monitoring
  • 150%+ Agent Productivity

Ameyo’s Solution

Sterling Global has deployed AMEYO to deliver best-in-class-quality to their customers and offer them the most reliable and customized service. With the AMEYO solution, they pride themselves on only utilizing the latest in call center technology and employing highly skilled, multilingual individuals in accordance with the internationally accepted standards. By implementing the solution, the agents are able to ensure the quality of their service is world class. Sterling Global has used AMEYO to communicate more effectively, maximize the value of their customer relationships, and drive greater revenue from each.

Origin Call Center

About Origin Call Center

Origin is a 24/7 BPO which caters to clients in various geographies like Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States and spans verticals like telecommunications, retail, holiday industry, and financial services. Since its operations began in 2004, Origin has acquired new clients while retaining the old ones with its excellent services that include inbound, outbound, and tech support.


  • Lack of outbound (Predictive dialer), inbound (ACD), CRM, and database
  • GUI-based reporting
  • No Answering Machine Detection
  • Keeping track of agent productivity


  • Integrated inbound and outbound solution
  • GUI-based customized reporting
  • High Answering Machine detection (AMD) ratio
  • Dashboards for real-time Agent Monitoring

Ameyo’s Solution

The AMEYO Suite addressed their requirements by integrating the inbound and outbound solution with capabilities of e-mail, SMS, and chat support that could be used in conjunction or separately depending on projects the client undertook. The solution also enabled multiple campaigns to be run in the same geography with same or different agents assigned.

The solution provided real-time information on the performance of connectivity, and causes of success and failure of connectivity for each number dialed, to the IT team. A GUI-based customized reporting was provided to managers and supervisors could access relevant information on-the-fly.

Customizations were also done on CRM and multiple CRMs were created to suit specific processes. A CRM template was also delivered to the IT team in a language they were comfortable with, which they could use to make small changes on a day-to-day basis by themselves.


About MphasiS Limited

MphasiS Limited, a leading IT service provider, needed a scalable and flexible Customer Interaction platform that would improve the efficiency of their business processes. The company required a solution that was capable of implementing customizations as per project requirements, but it faced challenges from its legacy solutions. For better efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the company implemented Ameyo suite, an all-in-one platform, as their Customer Interaction Management platform. As a result, the company has been able to implement customizations and offer unmatched extensible services, which improved its operational efficiency by over 15%.


  • Lack of Flexible System
  • Gaps in Customer Service
  • High cost Legacy System


  • Solution Flexible to Business Requirements
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Easily Scalable to Business Growth

Ameyo’s Solution

Ameyo enabled MphasiS to offer scalability to their clients allowing them to extend the platform as per business growth. And flexibility that allowed them to implement or modify changing process flows on the same platform without incurring huge capital outlay.

Ameyo offered multiple complex customizations and modules based on the different types of projects; this allowed its clients to customize as and when required without compromising on the reliability of the solution or disturbing the business processes.


About VADS Berhad

VADS Berhad (VADS) is one of Malaysia’s leading Managed ICT Service provider. Having grown from a joint venture between IBM Global Network Services and Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) in 1991, today they are a wholly owned subsidiary of TM; serving more than 500 medium to large businesses across industries.

Their main activities are Value Added Services, IT Services, and Business Process Outsourcing. As a firm, they envision to bring together people, processes and technologies to enable more effective and dynamic use of information technology and communication. They empower businesses with value-based innovative solutions and services by offering their expertise in core business areas for their clients.


  • Multi Tenancy
  • Manual Call Management
  • Call Logging & Technical Support
  • Unstructured system and integration


  • Centralized pre-integrated Solution
  • Complete automation of Call Management
  • Customized reports and dashboards
  • Smooth Integration with pre installed CRM

Ameyo’s Solution

VADS implemented the Ameyo communications suite that provided them with a centralized pre-integrated solution, integrating process flow from different sites and processes. An advanced IVRS was implemented for self-service of routine queries which completely automated the inbound traffic. It also enhanced interoperability between the existing business applications for simplified contact center operations and reduced manual interference. Dashboards and advanced reporting tools of Ameyo helped VADS in the analysis of the performance of various resources of the system.

With the Ameyo Communication Suite from Drishti, VADS was benefitted with a solution that maximized their agent efficiency and automates their processes.

Motilal Oswal Securities

About Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal (MOSL), a leading financial services firm, wanted improved insights into customer relationship management to foster direct and seamless relationship between customers and advisors; a problem which was compounded due to their large customer base. The company needed to provide preferential treatment to HNI’s, where most of the revenues were accumulated. For better customer relationships and impeccable customer experience, the company implemented Ameyo suite as their Customer Interaction Management tool. As a result, the company has been able to foster long-lasting relationship with its customers, providing unprecedented customer experience and improving their operational efficiency by over 15% in the entire process.


  • Manual handling of calls
  • Agents on multiple sites needed to be linked
  • Operation to be centralized to decrease inefficiency
  • Agent tracking


  • Centralized Information Management
  • Prioritized High Net-Worth Individuals
  • Enhanced Customer Service

How Ameyo Assisted MOSL

Ameyo configured multiple phone lines and queues for each advisor to handle numerous interactions simultaneously. The system would pre-inform the advisor about the customer calling in through a customized CRM interface.

Ameyo integrated its outbound dialing (including broadcasts) with Dial ‘n’ Trade platform of MOSL where retail customers dial, ensuring high uptime by eliminating a single point of failure.

Admerex Solutions

About Admerex Solutions, Inc.

Admerex Solutions, Inc (ASI) is a leading global technology and services company that provides business process outsourcing (BPO) to some of the best-known companies in the world. Incorporated in 2005, ASI operates as a receivables management call center specializing in customer management, contact and payment resolution.


  • Customer Management
  • Difficulty in integration
  • Lack of automation of business processes
  • Real-time Agent monitoring


  • Cost Efficiencies in Expansion
  • Intelligent Call Routing for higher FCR
  • Automation of all call center management activities
  • Flexibility & Scalability

Ameyo’s Solution

Equipped with Ameyo Predictive and Progressive Dialers to capacitate inbound and outbound calling, Admerex now runs credit collections for banks, payment due to collections for telecoms, sales and customer service on Ameyo.

The solution automated all the contact center management activities allowing the agents to focus on core business processes. They were able to track agent performance with real-time reporting and analytics tools, thereby identifying the venues for improvement.