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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen customers’ buying behavior change.


Africa is on its way to become a competitive destination for the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.


WhatsApp as a messaging platform has garnered tremendous popularity in the last couple of years with a user base of more than 1.5 billion across 180 countries.


COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges for all businesses across industries. 

Guide to Choose the Best Remote Contact Center Software for Your Business-cover

Remote working, also known as work from home model has gained popularity in the recent times with businesses becoming a lot more flexible and the emergence of large number of startups.


Contact centers have been around for more than a decade and continue to show slow but steady growth. 


To be able to truly deliver the best customer service experience, it is time to work towards transforming the contact centers into customer engagement centers with the right helpdesk by your side.

Guide To Select Right Call Center Software for Your Business

A call center software is a empowers your workforce to attend to incoming calls, make calls, monitor key call center metrics and basically deliver a wholesome customer experience.


Greater competition and growing consumer power has eroded the conventional metrics of differentiation. Quality of the product and service is no longer the sole determinant for customers to stick to a brand. 


Perfect for Newbies – Start Creating Your Very First Customer Experience Management Strategy in Minutes! A Godsend for Busy CX Professionals!


Explore how Dynamic cross-channel routing enables exceptional customer service across multi-channel interactions


Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming the new interface of every digital business brand. Having an NLP based chatbot takes this game to a whole new level.


We’ve developed a comprehensive customer experience elevator pitch template that has everything you need as a CX Leader to convince the top management in minutes!


Today, customer service organizations are aware that providing consistent and superior customer experience is critical to fostering loyalty and increasing revenues.


Insurance companies need to regulate customer journeys and provide exemplary customer service in order to enjoy the benefits of customer loyalty.


For banks to thrive in today’s world, both product and service delivery must be adequately aligned with customer expectations.


E-commerce volumes have grown exponentially in recent years but so has shopping cart abandonment. Find out how to improve online CX.

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Learn what today’s digital customers expect from your contact center and how you can create a delighting experience.


Over the last decade, there has been a rapid increase in the number of call centers globally, with call centers now forming a significant part of the global economy  


Contact centers have been around for more than a decade and continue to show slow but steady growth. 


Learn the secrets of creating, delivering and measuring 360° Customer Experience. Explore the best strategies to delight your customers with superior CX.