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How to Make Remote Working a Success for BPOs

About Suresh

Suresh is a post-graduate in commerce and has over 17 years of experience in overall strategic, operational responsibility, business development, including setting the vision, creating and implementing strategies for the company. He is good at managing IT Savvy companies and his expertise spans strategic planning, information management, financial resource management, and product development

Key Highlights from the Episode

  • Tackling the challenges of remote working during a pandemic
  • How to empower your workforce to work from home
  • Driving customer satisfaction with remote customer experience
  • Role of technology in the pandemic era
  • Post-pandemic trends and strategy

Business Vs Operational KPIs: The True Measure of Success

About Prince

Prince is the Vice President, Product Management at Ameyo. With an experience of more than 15 years in product development and management in the Contact Center and Customer Experience industry.

Key Highlights from the Episode

  • Evolution of businesses –  Changing role of IT over the years
  • Do we really need to move from Operational to Business KPIs
  • Factors that brought about this change in the way we measure the success of a department or business
  • How KPIs differ across departments and even geographies
  • How is artificial intelligence shaping the business analytics

How to Successfully Deliver Enterprise Contact Center Projects in Emerging Markets

About Tejas

Tejas is credited with the success of delivering enterprise-level projects in India, Cambodia, and Mongolia. With almost a decade of experience, having previously worked with brands like Tata Sky, iGate, and Apriso, she is currently working as a Project Manager at Ameyo.


Key Highlights from the Episode

  • Understanding the project life-cycle and the role of a Project Manager
  • How to break the geographical barriers to deliver large call center projects
  • How to maintain the balance between business and technology
  • How to effectively manage the customer expectations
  • Project delivery during COVID 19 pandemic

How to Ace your Customer Support

About Pravin

Pravin is a Sr. member of the support team at Ameyo. Recognized throughout his career for being a visionary operations leader, leveraging in-depth knowledge, he brings in more than a decade of experience in Contact center technology and customer experience.

Key Highlights from the Episode

  • Evolution of customer support expectations – voice to omnichannel
  • Differentiating between Direct and Partner support
  • Support process for Enterprise and startups
  • Building a global customer support team
  • Ways to empower your partners and customers

How to Setup a Cloud Contact Center for Startups

About Arpit

Arpit brings with him more than a decade of experience and has worked with Honeywell and IBM in the past and is currently heading the Cloud Infrastructure and Support at Ameyo. With his extensive experience in working with startups and enterprises, he brings in a plethora of knowledge in the domain.

Key Highlights from the Episode

  • How to Identify if your business needs a Contact Center
  • Right time to shift from PaaS to SaaS
  • Addressing the Challenges in setting up a Contact Center
  • Pre-requisites to get started with a cloud call center
  • Choosing the best solution for your business – some tips and tricks

How to go Global with your Customer Engagement Strategy

About Mukund

Mukund is the Senior VP of Business at Urban Company. With an MBA from The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, he has previously worked with brands like Zomato and Boston Consulting Group before joining Urban Company.

Key Highlights from the Episode

  • Traditional to modern times – how has customer engagement changed
  • Is omnichannel the way to go with self-service at the forefront
  • Alleviating the COVID-19 crisis with a WFH solution
  • Build the right strategy for businesses of all sizes
  • Points to keep in mind while building a global customer engagement strategy

How to Set Up a Remote Contact Center

About Sachin

Sachin is the Co-founder & Global Sales & Marketing Head at Ameyo and has travelled over 70 countries for Customer engagement implementations. and has been leading the brand to acquire a global footprint.

Key Highlights from the Episode

  • The emergence of remote  aka ‘work from home’ workforce
  • Identifying the organization’s readiness for remote agents
  • How to build a remote contact center for your business
  • Impact of remote workforce on different industries
  • Overcoming the  remote contact center challenges

Demystifying Conversational AI

About Rohith

He is an AI enthusiast and has been working on technology penetration and adoption for mid and large scale business and contact centers. He has been working at Ameyo to put the thoughts and dots together about building AI technology for the enterprises.

Key Highlights from the Episode

  • Evolution of AI technology
  • Technology behind building a Voicebot
  • How to incorporate Conversational AI in your contact center
  • How to train your bot for better customer service
  • Fallacy around bots

All About Scope Creep

About Amit

Amit is the Director – Project Delivery and Product Consultancy at Ameyo and has more than 15 years of global experience ranging from engineering to project management to be a product specialist. Having been around the block for some time now, he has deployed multi-million dollar projects across geographies like Africa, APAC, Middle East.

Key Highlights from the Episode

  • Defining scope creep
  • How to start the project journey
  • Managing evolving project requirements
  • Best practices for building the right delivery team