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5 Lessons Game of Thrones Teaches about Customer Service

The Great War is here.”

Somewhere in the cold and darkness of night in a land just north of ‘The Wall’, mythical White Walkers roam free among the living. Elsewhere, a massive shadow of a fire-breathing dragon is cast across the beautiful fields of Meereen as it majestically flies overhead. But nothing can match the anticipation of the Great War for the Iron Throne, set to decide the fate of Westeros once and for all. Still don’t catch our drift? We’re talking about Game of Thrones, HBO’s epic fantasy drama series based on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling novels.

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Why We Believe in the Voice of Customer, and You Should Too! [Infographic]

It has been quite some time that we started to emphasize on relevance and degree of importance of customer experience memories or CX memories, in an ever-increasing hyper connected world. However, no matter how much we focus on its significance, a great deal remains to be done from brands around the world.

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The Art of Customer Loyalty: How to Win Loyal Customers in the 21st Century

"You don't earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day-by-day." - Jeffrey Gitomer

In 2004, Marc Benioff gathered his army of managers and stormed into a room for a meeting that was going to change how Salesforce was going to visualize its future customers. David Dempsey, Senior VP at Salesforce, responsible for all the recurring business at Salesforce, had concerns about a recent threat he found in their approach to recurring business.

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3 Insider Secrets about Customer Experience Optimization You Must Know

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive digital environment, a customer holds the most power in any business situation. We live in an ever-changing world fuelled by the internet, where access to  real-time information is only a click away.

In fact, people use Google Search more than 3.5 billion times per day! In such times, customers expect exceptional customer experience from any business - whether it’s an ecommerce startup or a multinational corporation with a detailed portfolio of services. 

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Despite Digital Wave in the Contact Center Technology Space, Voice is Here to Stay – What Next?

There is a lot of talk about the impact of digital channels on call centers. Customer Experience leaders worldwide are walking through a maze of technology stacks and putting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle called Omni Channel Customer Experience, while on the other hand, balancing costs in a business. Contact center technology has been evolving very rapidly, and digital transformation in contact centers has only recently started picking up pace and gaining traction.

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Asia Vows to CX Memories, a monumental shift in Customer Service

After garnering great reviews with CX Memories in India, this month we took the idea to Malaysia in the recently concluded Contact Centers Asia 2017 conference. To put it in minimum words, monumental shifts have happened in terms of customer experience in Malaysia and the APAC region at large.

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Why Omnichannel Customer Experience is the key to an Inbound Call Center Software?

Life is all about experiences. We humans are emotional beings and these experiences that we go through determine the level of trust and confidence we place in people, places, products and services. Talking about “Services” , it's a bit different than the other variables.

You know why? Because we expect it to be good and it's not just the one time but as people /customers we look for consistency. A remarkable customer experience in not a one time job, it’s true value lies in an exquisite, consistent customer experience.

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6 Benefits that make a Compelling Case for Cloud Based Call Center Software

Cloud based call center software has seen a dramatic increase in demand and growth over the past few years. Earlier, most enterprises used to install on-premise call center applications in order to provide customer support.

With the help of cloud computing, organizations can now host their contact centers at a third-party data center, in a remote place, and without the need for any on-premise hardware infrastructure.

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How to Carve the Best CX Memories under Mounting Expectations in APAC

In a region where customers prefer a ‘mobile-first’ company, creating great customer experiences is quite a daunting task.

Yes, we are talking about the Asia-Pacific region where smartphone adoption overtook computer adoption for the first time in 2014. At present, brands are struggling with the complexities of creating a CX-friendly culture in APAC.

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How to Create Wow Customer Experience with an Effective Quality Monitoring Solution

Customer service is the backbone of every organization. It helps businesses to improve their brand and consumer relations. It does not matter how much interaction an organization has with its customer base, customer experience determines the level of success it has. Since revenue is often tied to quality and customer service, it is in the best interest of businesses to incorporate quality monitoring solutions to improve their customer service.

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