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7 Worst Contact Center Practices that leads to Bad Customer Experience

Contact center is the front line for handling customer inquiries. Organizations must understand the need and importance of contact centers in order to strategize their business growth. Contact centers con­tribute to the company’s goals in many valu­able ways, most notably in rein­forc­ing the company’s brand and in increas­ing cus­tomer loyalty. It is necessary that they deliver the best possible customer experience to minimize the customer churn.

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Top 5 Challenges Call Center Managers Face Today


Call centers are possibly the world’s toughest work environment, and there might be a few agents and managers that might term it as a living hell. Having to deal with frustrated callers, strict work schedules, penny-pinching management and super-high expectation don’t make it easier for them. To work in a call center as a manager can be very stressful, to the say the least. This is not a job for the weak at heart, as any managers can attest to.

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How IVR Reduces Cost and Gains Productivity for the Business


Like every other department in an enterprise, contact centers also face the pressure to minimize the company’s operating costs. This puts the management in a dilemma of how to cut expenses without sacrificing customer satisfaction. Contact center needs tremendous manpower in order to fulfill the demand of the customers. Even after appointing a large number of people, it is not possible for the company to attend to every customer. And if the customers don’t get through the call, the company’s image declines in their eyes.

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30 Significant Contact Center and Customer Service Statistics for 2015

Contact Center industry is evolving every year with rapid changes in customer expectations, technological advancements, processes and intensity of competition. It is crucial to be proactive and well-prepared to sustain in this somewhat unpredictable industry.

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Top 5 Skills Your Customer Service Team Needs

Competing on price isn’t the most powerful way to build a permanent business in today’s challenging environment. What matters the most is the kind of customer service and satisfaction level that your organization is providing to the customers. Customer service is the base of any organization. It is all about taking care of customers before, during and after a purchase and hence is considered as the most important part for nurturing the ongoing client relationships.

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Become the Master of Customer Experience [Infographic]

Business leaders have realized that "getting closer to the customer" is crucial to the survival of a business, and moreover, the most critical competitive differentiator and business performance optimizer. In today's competitive economy, customer centricity is not aspirational - it's a necessity. 

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Customer Satisfaction as a Key Business Metric

Organizations must understand the role of customer satisfaction for creating new customers and retaining the existing ones by increasing their loyalty for the brand. These loyal customers not only provide you with consistent business but also with a lot of referrals.

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A Comprehensive List of Do’s and Don’ts for Call Center Agents


A call center agent’s job is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding and most imperative. From taking orders to providing customer support, sticky situations arise. But how you handle it all can make a difference between creating loyal customers and losing business. Whether the call center is small or large, it has two agents or two hundred plus, it all starts with the right training. Every rep who answers a call should be undergoing a training session. It is an ongoing process which should never stop. Customer care agents should be guided on how to manage both inbound and outbound calls. The situation varies in both cases; former is providing information and handling complaints, whereas latter involves in selling business. 

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15 Phrases that your Call Center Agents should Never Use

Customer service agents often make certain statements and say things, either out of ignorance or out of negligence, that leave the customers unvalued and angry. Effective training of the call center agents is essential when it comes to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ongoing coaching on “what to say” and more importantly “what not to say” when a customer calls, is really critical. By replacing displeasing phrases with professional and positive words, one can improve customer experience to a considerable degree.

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4 Tips to Transform your Contact Center into a Profit Center

What defines a contact center’s profitability? Contact center success is typically measured in the form of improved operational efficiencies, agent productivity, cost reduction, and customer experience. These measures have become the status quo of benchmarking contact center performance becoming the primary focus for majority of contact centers. But the problem lies in articulating how organizations “profit” from contact centers.

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