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Ameyo to innovate IT practices at the 17th CIO and Leader Conference, Goa

Gurgaon, July 28th, 2016: Contact center technology and customer engagement expert, Ameyo, is proud to announce its participation in the upcoming 17th CIO and Leader conference being held at Holiday Inn, Goa from 29th - 31st July, 2016.

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The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize Customer Experience in eCommerce sector [FREE Ebook]

With hundreds of online shopping websites coming up every year, consumers today have more options than we could even think of a decade back. This makes it really difficult and highly competitive for the eCommerce companies to survive and be a top notch player in the industry.

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7 Ways to Make your IVR More Customer-Friendly

Customers find an IVR system to be useful because it is faster, available 24*7, better for simple and routine tasks and of course a cost-effective solution. However, despite acknowledging IVR systems to be useful, still many callers prefer to interact with a live agent over the automated self-service machine. The main reasons why users don’t like to interact with an IVR system when trying to connect with brands are:

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How to Track Customer Behaviour Changes with 3 Foolproof Techniques

In today’s digital age, trends and patterns are changing very swiftly, with the dominance of smartphones, tablets, social media and widespread wireless internet accessibility. This is affecting the way we lead our lives. Everything is accessible, available and within reach, all we need to do is click, swipe or touch the screen.

This is also changing the way organizations do business and with that said, it is also impacting and changing customer behaviour rapidly. Customers no longer have the patience to stay on hold or wait to avail a service.

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How to Choose the Right Contact Center Technology [Free Whitepaper]

We live in a world where organizations do not get a second chance to make a first impression. This is the reason why Contact Centers have stopped being loss leaders, and transformed into mission critical hubs, to ensure short and long term success.

Superior customer engagement has emerged to become a competitive necessity, and customer interactions have never mattered more. It is at the heart of why the fastest growing C-level positions globally now includes ‘Customer Experience’ in the title.

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Why Analytics is the New Way Ahead to Better Customer Engagement

The everyday evolving customer expectations with brands is increasing with the availability of services at your doorstep. Today’s omnichannel customer service has enabled organizations to capture, consolidate, and analyze interactions. In order to survive the competitive environment and outshine in all respects, brands need to constantly build new strategies and strive towards betterment.

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7 Best Call Center Agent Scheduling Practices to Up Performance

“Jon, this task should be completed by Thursday,” Tom, a call center manager annoyingly exclaimed. Thereafter, Jon nodded, but rolled his eyes at his colleagues and made a quick parody on Tom.

For a larger number of people who are somewhat familiar to the call center industry, the job of call center managers seems a comfortable one – one that only includes shouting out orders. However, that is far from the truth for people who have observed the daily commotion that managers at call centers have to deal with on almost a daily basis.

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5 Reasons Why Customers Hate Calling Contact Centers

Nobody plans their day with an agenda on their mind that today, I will ring up and spend 20 to 30 minutes of my day, hearing a flute solo only to know that my call has been connected to the ‘wrong department’.

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Contact Center Performance Management - Maintaining Motivation Through the 'Inflection Point'

Have you ever noticed how new hires will start their jobs with enthusiasm and genuine excitement? With fresh objectives and a new team, as well as a set of new products and processes to learn, its hard not to become inspired to give it your best at your new job!

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How to Make the Transition to a Customer-Centric Organization

In order to be successful and viable in today’s highly competitive environment, a company must possess a customer-centric capability. Customers’ expectations have risen manifold and companies need to adapt themselves to meet their expectations to become profitable. It is no longer enough for companies to offer a great customer service. In fact, they should look forward to creating great experiences right from the awareness stage, through the purchasing stage and also through the post-purchase phase.

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