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5 Ways Contact Centers Help Hotels Deliver The Perfect Guest Experience

After the proliferation of new-age technologies, the corporate landscape of all sectors has undeniably changed. This holds true for the hotel industry as well. The new-age guest is more evolved and demanding than ever, and it takes more than basic levels of customer service to please him. For example, 80% of hotel guest now find it important to set personal preferences, according to an MCD report. And with dwindling occupancies, RevPARs (Revenue Per Available Room) and profits, the hotel industry has to get a grip on new technologies to nurture customer loyalty and maximize customer acquisition.

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5 Signs that Shout "You Need a Call Center Software!!"


Are your call center agents struggling with antique PBX phones? Are they ruffling through hundreds of documents in search of information to handle one single customer call? Are you holding out on making that jump into the world of call center technology? Well, this blog post is here to help you doing just that. Below are 5 signs (warning signs) that shout “You Need a Call Center Software.”

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5 Ways to Eliminate Call Abandonments in your Contact Center

An abandoned call is one where the caller hangs up the call while waiting for an agent. It usually happens because the caller gets frustrated with the time on hold. When a customer calls for a customer service, their expectations are really high and this ultimately leads to call abandonment as they want the best treatment. They simply don’t wait on hold and therefore hang-up.

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CCSNL Selects Ameyo Predictive Dialer to Power their Telemarketing Campaigns

Contact center technology and services leader, Ameyo ( is pleased to announce that CCSNL (Contact Center Solutions Nigeria Limited) has deployed Ameyo platform to power outbound marketing campaigns for a leading Pay TV service provider in Africa. CCSNL is a provider of call/contact center solutions, customer relationship management and outsourcing services with top and eminent companies of Nigeria as their clientele.

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Ameyo Bags the 2015 Contact Center Technology Award for the Fourth Consecutive Year

Gurgaon, July 22, 2015: Ameyo, a leading contact center technology and customer experience expert with practice leadership in more than twelve industry verticals, today announced that TMC, a global integrated media company, has named Ameyo as a 2015 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award winner. This is the fourth consecutive year in which Ameyo has received the CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award.

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What Not To Do During Your First Customer Support Call?

Customer Support Call might seem to be playing the tiniest role, but originally it is the initial stage where the bond between the customer and the company is created. People call them only either when an issue arrives or any information is required regarding the company’s product. People of different nature come in contact of the agents. At times, the service agents might find it difficult to handle certain people because some of them lose their temper furiously. It depends on the agent how well he tackles the customers and represents his company at his best. When a customer gives a positive feedback to the customer support caller, it definitely goes to the company’s credit bank of reputation. So the customer support caller team plays a huge role in keeping the company’s nose high. Generally few mishappenings are done by the caller especially in the initial days of his job. He should be well avoiding doing these mistakes while making his first call.

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Can IVR replace Live Agents - Dial Zero to Speak to a Representative

Interactive Voice Response (IVR system) is extremely beneficial for both companies and the customers. Companies can easily increase their sales and reduce costs drastically as the efficiency of live agents is greatly maximized with the use of an IVR. On the other hand, customers save their time as they get the opportunity to solve their problems without interacting with an agent.

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7 Habits of Highly Successful Call Center Managers

Call center managers require a great deal of endurance and grace to handle the extreme pressure of the call center and create an environment that pleases customers without exceeding shrinking budgets. As a call center manager, your job is to keep your agents motivated and encouraged while holding your team accountable to goals and deadlines. In the face of this pressure, call center managers will easily feel overwhelmed and overworked.

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Is CRM a Contact Center Software?

To answer the Question, NO, CRM is not a Contact Center Software. More than 80% of people in Contact Center Industry assume that CRM and the Contact Center Software is same. Let’s see what is  CRM and a Contact Center Software and how they work together to create “WOW” experiences to your customers and to your agents.

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Ameyo Raises $5 million - Targets Cloud Contact Center and Sales Acceleration Technology space

Ameyo,  the leading Contact Center Software  provider today announced about $5 million Series A round of venture capital funding. The entire investment was  by the Bangalore based private equity firm, Forum Synergies (India) PE Fund Managers through IKMF-I, the fund managed by them.

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