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7 Steps to Launch a Rewarding Social Media Customer Service Program

Providing impeccable customer service is critical to running a successful business and attracting and retaining loyal customers. Brands which take care of their customers fare much better than those who leave their customers hanging.

With the advent of smartphones and the ever increasing craze of social media among customers, companies of all sizes are expanding their customer support realm by being readily available on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Today, any business that wants to deliver top-notch customer support has to be extremely active on the popular social media platforms.

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How Video Can Be a Breakthrough in Interactive Customer Service

This is the era of technology. From ordering food to booking flight tickets, everything one does lie with technology, that we use and reuse every day. And in this tech-savvy world, it is foolish to undermine or neglect any growing digital trend, to capture and tap on the full potential of your customer service team. One such trend is ‘video technology’.

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The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize Customer Experience in the Insurance Industry [FREE Ebook]

In a world dictated by omnichannel customer experience, the topmost priority for insurance providers is to meet the demands of its customers with varied interests.

The state of insurance providers seems adverse, when it comes to manage customers who are not shy of searching the web for the best possible deal. Therefore, it is now more important than ever for them to provide an extraordinary customer experience and stay ahead of the competition.

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How Great Customer Service can Elevate Business in E-commerce [Infographic]

E-commerce industry is the one where delivery of exceptional customer service matters the most. Adapting the best practices of customer service management to create everlasting customer experiences is something that every e-commerce company is looking to achieve.  In this ever more customer-centric marketplace, losing sight of the customer can make the business irrelevant thus asking the e-commerce organizations to be more dynamic and customer oriented.

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Your Guide to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 101

Phone rings (Tring tring, tring tring, tring tring...)

A voice: Hello! Welcome to abc company. We are happy to help you! To speak to an agent press 1, to know the status of your query press 2, to lodge a complaint press 3, to return to the main menu press *

Customer (Presses 1) and waits patiently for an agent to answer, meanwhile the music keeps playing and in between there is a promotional message about a product or a service.

We all have had similar experience. The reason could have been different for all of us, but we have been on the other side of that telephone call. You dial a number, a computerised voice greets you and gives you a whole list of options to pick from and do accordingly.

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5 Videos that show Omnichannel is Rejigging Shopping Forever

Shopping has traversed a long road – from traditional brick and mortar retail, to door to door marketing, and finally the superiority of e-commerce.

Nevertheless, shopping as we know it is witnessing another substantial change, with the emergence of Omnichannel customer experience. With the proliferation of multiple channels of interaction like mobile, social media, chat, instant messaging, app feedback, email, and others – the relevance of Omnichannel has increased manifold.

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The Real Cost of Contact Center Agent Turnover

It is true that the average turnover rate in call centers is higher as compared to other industries, given the nature of the work. If you are a contact center manager, you must be dealing with this serious issue. You spend your precious time in recruiting and training an agent and just about the time when he is starting to show skills and knowledge, he quits. Then you begin the process of hiring and training all over again to fill the gap which undoubtedly is a costly and time-consuming affair.

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The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize Customer Experience in Banking Industry [FREE Ebook]

With rise in competition among banks and as most of the banking commodities are undifferentiated products, it is real challenge for them to stay ahead of the game.  Customers view all banks as the same, hence delivering exceptional customer experience is the only way to stay afloat.

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Top 4 Lessons Pokemon Go has provided in Customer Engagement

The other day I came across a meme on Pokemon Go, and burst into a hysteric laughter. It read “2006: In 10 years, we will cure cancer, populate the moon, and will achieve world peace. 2016: Don’t Pokemon and drive.” While the meme was undoubtedly funny, but I would still say that we can learn considerably from Pokemon Go.

Don’t be shocked, tag along and I’ll explain why.

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How the Logistics Industry can Leverage a Digital Call Center

The digital evolution and the rapid proliferation in technology has changed the way in which customers want to communicate with organizations. The changing customer trend has clearly grasped every industry and with the available strong omnichannel strategy, customers are more powerful than ever. With the new trend in demand, the logistics industry also had to inculcate the change and explore ways to ensure that the new age cloud, mobile and digital technologies are leveraged in the system and innovation is mobilized in organisations.

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