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Customer Preferences You Must Pay Heed to Better Your Business [Infographic]

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Omnichannel Commerce: Making Customer Experience the New Competitive Advantage [Free Whitepaper]


Omnichannel commerce seems to be picking up steam across industries and has radically transformed the way companies do business. Coupled with transformative technology and changing customer demands, companies are demanded to meet up to the growing expectations of customers, and a minor slip-up could be disastrous for a company’s reputation.

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Ameyo Launches New Cloud Contact Center Software for Emerging Businesses in India

Gurgaon, February 10, 2016: Ameyo, a leading provider of contact center technology and services integrations expert, announced the launch of Ameyo Emerge ( - a powerful new cloud offering that helps businesses to integrate seamlessly across channels.

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7 Ways to Be Your Customer’s Valentine and Excel at Customer Service

You are most alive when you are in love. This liveliness reflects in everything you do, you say, and everywhere you are. Your office and your work station is no exception. LIkewise, your customers shouldn’t be exceptions. On this Valentine’s Day, try to give your customers, the best customer service there is.

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Ameyo to showcase its ecommerce expertise at Techcircle India Ecommerce Summit, 2016

Gurgaon, February 8, 2016: Ameyo, the leading contact center technology and software provider is excited to announce its participation in the most awaited Techcircle India Ecommerce Summit on 10th-11th February, 2016 at Gurgaon, India.

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Decode the True Value of Customer Loyalty [Infographic]

Customer loyalty is considered the lifeline for any business, yet businesses often focus the spotlight on sales. They choose to run after acquiring customers rather than retaining the existing ones. However, it has been proved that it costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an old one. Loyal customers will surely spread a good word about the brand and thereby provide a great boost to the revenues.

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Call Center Gamification - No More a Fad but an Elemental Prerequisite

Gamification is not a fancy word anymore. It has come a long way from being an ‘over-hyped and hypothetical strategy’ to actually come alive. It is now being used in major aspects of all industries. ‘Call center Gamification’ is no exception to the trend, with higher agent engagements.

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5 Tips for a Fool-proof Call Center Audit

Audit is one word which can give any business owner sleepless nights. Especially, when we talk about ‘call centre audits’. In a typically run call center, the variables involved are way too many. There will always be a black swan scenario happening every now and then.

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Mobile Commerce: A Colossal Shift in Consumer Behavior

In today’s world, consumers are becoming more mobile friendly and want everything - be it a service or product, at their door-step. The past few years have witnessed a remarkable growth in the use of smartphones, with countries transforming themselves into mobile- first economy.

These days mobile apps are playing a major role in consumers life as it has  become the default medium for accessing internet. Research shows that, “90% of smartphone users use apps, which is close to 158 million as of today.”

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Why Investing in Customer Experience is Indispensable for your Brand [Infographic]

You must be familiar with the cliché, “Customer Service doesn’t cost. It pays.” Great service is more of a powerful lethal weapon for any company. The value of providing customers with the best experience is irreplaceable.

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