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How East African Businesses can Thrive by Upping the Ante in Customer Experience

Back in 2014, one of EY’s report stated that more than 50% of the customers in Kenya reported a bad experience when transacting, compared to a third of bank customers globally.

The reason for this rather alarming number in bad customer experience was largely blamed on aggressive uptake of technology innovations by brands, thereby - creating technical hitches that trickled down to customers.

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Banking Industry Should Strongly Focus on Customer Experience to Stay Ahead

Customer Experience is the new holy grail of marketing.

And, for good reasons, too! Improving customer experience leads to outstanding results in terms of loyalty, satisfaction and revenues for any business. Companies that focus solely on customer experience gain a significant edge over their competition. Think about market leaders in the digital age - Apple, Disney, and Tesla - what do they have in common? Great customer experience sets them apart from the competition.

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How to Enhance Customer Experience with Single Customer View

How often do you receive calls from contact center agents for credit cards, insurance policies, loans, or service tickets?

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Use These 3 Customer Experience Management Strategies to Supercharge Your Business

Customers are the lifeline of a business.

And not just that. Customers are more informed than ever, and demanding. They are constantly interacting with brands across multiple touchpoints, expecting more out of their journey. Every single interaction matters - any negative experience can impact how they perceive a brand.

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Customer Engagement Matters More Than Ever in 2017: 4 Strategies for Success

Ever since the concept of money was invented, marketers have been using different techniques to try and make a sale. From the first newspaper advertisement in 1704 to Apple spending more than $900,000 to create their 1984 Super Bowl commercial - the idea of marketing has observed a paradigm shift over the years. Now, the objective is not to squeeze a customer out of every penny, rather to engage and try to retain the customer.

According to Customer Engagement Expert Paul Greenberg - customer engagement is “the ongoing interaction between company and customer, offered by the company, chosen by the customer.”

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4 Reasons Why Customer Engagement Can't Exist without Analytics

Can you imagine a life without analytics? Think about it - your Facebook feed won’t show you the most relevant posts, Netflix won’t recommend the movies you shouldn’t miss, and there probably wouldn’t be a stock market. And, the Mayans wouldn’t have predicted December 21, 2012 to be the end of the world. Over time, analytics has proved to be a great asset to human civilization, and has been incorporated into every industry imaginable.

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Chatbot vs Search: Will Customers Completely Move to Chatbots?

The way we search online has evolved a lot since the commercial launch of the search engine in the 1990’s. During that time, the world was less exposed to the world wide web, and thus, a lesser number of search results came out. Also, until and unless you type in the exact keywords that you were looking for, chances are you might not ever be able to find the right website. 

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4 Easy Ways to Boost Customer Engagement With Text Messaging

Customer engagement is a tough metric to measure, but it’s one of the most important things a marketing department does. Engaging with your customers can increase how much your customers spend significantly, and help build more trust in your brand. This leads to customer loyalty, referrals, and much more.

One of the best tools you can use to actually improve your company’s customer engagement is SMS and text messaging.

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Embrace These Omnichannel Strategies To Digitally Transform Your Contact Center

We live in the age of digital transformation, but are businesses really ready to address the needs of digital savvy customer?

Picture this - you have some queries regarding the mobile services plan, so you started a web chat session using the ‘click to chat’ option on your service provider’s ‘Help and Support’ web page. However, you didn’t get the required information after 5 minutes on chat, and hence you call up a customer service representative (CSR). The CSR asks the same questions that the web chat agent had already asked earlier. And we all know rest of the story - as we’ve been there multiple times, ending up in frustration.

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3 Ways Internet of Things (IoT) will Change the World of Customer Experience

How do you picture an average day in the future? As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, your personal robot butler asks you which 3D-printed dish you’d like for breakfast. As you get out of bed and take a peek at the mirror, it instantly comes to life with a hologram of today’s weather & to-dos.

After your room’s environment dynamically adjusts to your mood, you decide to get ready for work and let technology do all the work for you. Soon, you get a notification that your self-driving car is fully-charged and ready to go. In the age of automation, you can’t help but wonder whether this is reality, or something straight out a Jetsons episode you used to watch as a kid.

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