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8 Ways Your Competitors use Customer Experience Innovation to Stay Ahead

The first advertisements ever recorded in human history were by the Egyptians in 2000 BC. They would carve public notices in steel to spread political awareness. Fast forward time to today's era and you'll find that a well-designed and well-thought out advertisement doesn't really surprise you anymore. This is the result of innovation.

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Customer Experience Measurement: A Practical Guide to Measuring CX

When's the last time you recall a smooth, streamlined, and pleasant experience while working with a brand? Or when you just had to share that one time a brand exceeded your expectations and delivered a level of customer experience that was simply amazing? Now, look at this experience through the eyes of the company. Are you ensuring customers get this level of experience every single time?

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Customer Engagement Model: What It Is, Why It Matters and How to Build One

The basic idea deeply rooted in any brand is - engaged customers are happy customers. It is one of the keys to building long-term customer relationships. But how does a company start to develop, implement, improve, and grow customer engagement? The answer is simple - by using a customer engagement model.

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7 Winning Customer Engagement Strategies You Can Start Implementing Today

Customer engagement today is very different than that of the past. Today, people have a lot of choices when it comes to the number of interaction mediums due to the large number of technological advancements. Let's ask the most difficult question - how does a brand go about engaging a modern consumer?

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How to Justify the Importance of Customer Experience (CX)

What is the best way you can improve your business? It's not to build an excellent product using the latest innovative technologies. The answer lies in improving Customer Experience (CX). But just how important is customer experience for your organization?

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How Ameyo Collect Can Help Streamline Your Collections Process and Improve Efficiency

When you ask bank personnel what is the major challenge they face, almost everyone will start talking about the increasing amount of
Bad Debts and Non-Performing Assets - people who have stopped paying their due in time or totally disappeared without paying the credit amount. The reason can be as simple as the person forgetting to pay before the due date, to willing but not enough cash available to wilful default.

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Customer Experience (CX) vs Customer Service: What They Are and Why They Matter

Customer experience matters. But so does customer service. So, how do you decide which to focus on?

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88 Customer Experience Quotes to Make You Think Differently about CX

You'll find one thing common in most successful companies - the emphasis placed on customer experience. There is a great shift taking place in business amidst heavy competition - customers are becoming increasingly demanding and choosy about who to give their money to.

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How Ameyo Heat Map Enables Contact Center Agents to Work More Effectively & Efficiently

 Which customer or ticket should I heed to?

This is the eternal question for every agent at his/her work on a daily basis. With the increase in the number of channels and interaction levels, the amount of data inflow has increased exponentially over the last few years. It has become a challenge to prioritize the huge influx of tickets, and a great deal of time is lost in the decision making process. Agents need to mentally crunch multiple factors to decide on which ticket to address and prioritize on the critical & important ones. In case a critical ticket (like processing request from a high value client) is missed out, it would mean a great loss to the business. 

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Self-Service Customers: Modern Support Solutions that are Increasingly Feasible

These days, providing customers with the support they need and want is more important than ever. People expect customer support to be excellent, and they will quickly make their feelings known if it is not. This can hurt your reputation and damage your business's growth.

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