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50 Important Customer Experience Statistics You Need to Know

With intense competition in the market, the ability to distinguish yourself from your competition is diminishing, however one thing that clearly stands out and can never be replaced is Customer Experience (CX). Simply put,  it's how customers perceive their interactions with your company.

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3 Insightful Lessons from 2nd Service Quality Excellence Summit 2017 You Shouldn’t Miss

The 2nd Service Quality Excellence Summit 2017 was a huge success, and focused on the various issues that affect how well a company is able to deliver a superior, consistent experience to remain competitive in a time of digital disruption.

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4 Customer Experience Challenges in the Digital Era and How to Overcome Them

Businesses have gone digital - and there’s no coming back!

The new age digital consumer demands more, and expects something special each time he deals with a brand. The reason for this is that customers have a wide array of choices when it comes to choosing the right business to invest in, and often go with the best the market has to offer that fits their budget.

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Top Customer Experience Questions that Raised Eyebrows at CX Management East Africa Summit

In one of our latest blogs, we had talked that Africa started to adopt digitalization quite late compared to developed economies around the world.

We got reminded of this fact in the recently concluded Customer Experience Management East Africa summit in Kenya, where it was repeatedly stated that Kenya would invest on social media as a channel. Perhaps - much faster than some other markets in the west, because of its penetration!

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3 Biggest Takeaways from OPEX in BFSI Summit 2017 You Need to Know

The BFSI industry is growing exponentially with the onset of the digital era. Major technological disruptions and innovations have forced companies to actively seek new ways and digitally transform themselves in a bid to gain an edge over their competition to acquire and retain customers.

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Why You Need Customer Experience Management (CEM), and 5 Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Today’s customer is highly informed and demanding - he desires on-time and personalized interactions, without any additional hassles. But can companies rise up to the occasion and fulfill these seemingly obvious expectations?

You, as a business, decide!

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How East African Businesses can Thrive by Upping the Ante in Customer Experience

Back in 2014, one of EY’s report stated that more than 50% of the customers in Kenya reported a bad experience when transacting, compared to a third of bank customers globally.

The reason for this rather alarming number in bad customer experience was largely blamed on aggressive uptake of technology innovations by brands, thereby - creating technical hitches that trickled down to customers.

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Banking Industry Should Strongly Focus on Customer Experience to Stay Ahead

Customer Experience is the new holy grail of marketing.

And, for good reasons, too! Improving customer experience leads to outstanding results in terms of loyalty, satisfaction and revenues for any business. Companies that focus solely on customer experience gain a significant edge over their competition. Think about market leaders in the digital age - Apple, Disney, and Tesla - what do they have in common? Great customer experience sets them apart from the competition.

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How to Enhance Customer Experience with Single Customer View

How often do you receive calls from contact center agents for credit cards, insurance policies, loans, or service tickets?

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Use These 3 Customer Experience Management Strategies to Supercharge Your Business

Customers are the lifeline of a business.

And not just that. Customers are more informed than ever, and demanding. They are constantly interacting with brands across multiple touchpoints, expecting more out of their journey. Every single interaction matters - any negative experience can impact how they perceive a brand.

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