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Sentiment Analysis : Key To Empathetic Customer Service


Good brands understand their customers, but ideal brands understand the sentiments of their customers. They take care of customers’ needs by identifying how they feel about their products and services. To meet the raising customer expectations, real-time insights about customer sentiments can come handy for service agents to engage with them in a highly personalized manner and deliver empathetic service.

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5 Ways to Make Debt Collection Easy

Taking a loan has definitely become easier in the last decade or so. But, what about debt collection? How are these agents supposed to remember all the details and deadlines of every customer. It is a daunting task which will significantly reduce the productivity of the agents and slow down the operations. Leading to a domino effect, which will create some additional problems of its own.

Let us discuss some ways to make the debt collection a seamless experience:

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Why Your Contact Center Needs Live Chat?

Did you know that your customers are easily frustrated when the sales reps aren’t available?

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Application Framework-Revolutionizing Contact Center Solutions

Contact center market keeps on upgrading on a regular basis to support businesses to stay relevant and competitive. Organizations need to invest in their technical infrastructure to ensure holistic view of customer journey by creating 360-degree view of the customers. In order to develop a dynamic, customized and user-friendly interface supporting a myriad of offerings ranging from "nice-to-have" to "must-haves", is a challenging task. This leads to high infrastructure costs, loss of time and a lot of effort in customization and contacting the support teams every single time for making any up-gradation.

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How Automation Reigns The Contact Centers

Technology has changed the way people book an appointment with doctors or order their food online, thanks to automation tools that Contact Centers are able to deliver what their customers demand. Millennial believe in finding solutions to their problems in a smart way and automation allows the space to get a grasp of these solutions.

Topics: contact center Automation

How Customer Service Strategy Can Boost Customer Engagement

If you have smart, hard-working and enthusiastic agents and lack a well-defined service strategy, but still hope to deliver pleasing customer experience then let me tell you, your business is heading nowhere. Because “Hope” is definitely not a strategy! Intelligence, hard work, energy, and creativity are just the ingredients to deliver a good customer experience, but a right customer service strategy is what binds together all these elements to ensure a perfect recipe for customer engagement at scale.

Topics: Customer Service Customer Service Strategy

Artificial Intelligence: The Next Battleground in Customer Service

Ever thought that machines could welcome your customers with a warm gesture? Artificial Intelligence (AI) has given way to an emotional connection with humans and enables them as self-learners. This revolution from traditional customer service to AI-powered digital solutions has improved the buyer’s journey and customer experience (CX).

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WhatsApp for Business: Is it a Game Changer?

Unless you have been stuck in a hole in a remote part of the planet, you must have heard about a birdie named “WhatsApp for Business”. After acquiring the instant messaging provider in 2014 for a whopping price of $19 billion, Facebook has finally found a way to make some money from it. After providing it for free, Facebook has launched WhatsApp for Business APIs for which the business will have to pay.

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5 Signs You Should Invest In Customer Engagement Platform

The latest research by Salesforce states that 75% of people now expect a consistent experience wherever they engage with brands either through social media, mobile, or even in person. This clearly upholds that customer engagement is extremely complex and crucial in the current market scenario, where customers are highly flexible in shifting from one brand to another if their superior service needs are not met quickly and effectively.

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